Artisan's Consortium - Unable to see weekly/daily and LVL reputation?

I have 2 professions at 50 but I am unable to see weekly/daily and LVL reputation for Artisan’s Consortium? I have done all the quests as far as I can tell in each zone but cannot see any work orders for Enchanting/Alchemy or find out how to level my reputation with this faction.

I have asked around in general and trade chat as well as checked WoW Head and other articles to try and figure this out with no luck. Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?

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Enchanting and Alchemy don’t have the work order quests. You’ll get rep from the weekly mob drop quests and I think the weekly item turn ins as well.

I am not seeing the mob drop quests is the problem. It is as if I am missing something. Also what professions can do orders?

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Mob drop quests are from this group of NPCs.

There’s also a nice weak aura for tracking weekly profession knowledge here.

I do not recall them providing me with any quests but I will wait for reset and check again.

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One possibility is that you haven’t unlocked artisan’s consortium reputation by i) the initial artisan consortium quests in waking shores and ii) doing all artisan consortium quests at forkriver crossing in the plains. If you haven’t done them Marcus Bright in Valdraxxus should give you a quest to start them.

Picked up skinning today again and re-leveled it to 50. No quests when I go to town.

Thank you!! i have been going crazy trying to figure out why i cant get the work order quest on my mage for alchemy. i wish they would tell you this so your not hanging in the wind…

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