Artifact Appearance/Transmog Question

Attempting to work on a transmog appearance and ran into an interesting situation–I cannot mog my guardian artifact appearance unless I am in guardian spec although I can mog balance and resto appearances… so, my question is this: if I switch to guardian, create the mog and then switch back to feral will the appearance stay or go away?

Am currently at work or I would just check myself in game. Thanks for any assistance!

What artifact appearance you are able to mog into when offspec will depend on the type of weapon you have equipped.

Balance / Resto both use staves for their Artifacts. Those are only interchangeable with 2-handed maces, other staves, and polearms.

The Feral Artifact is daggers. That is only interchangeable with other daggers.

The Guardian Artifact is a fist weapon. Those are only interchangeable with other fist weapons and 1-handed maces.

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But I have been able to mog it over staves on several occassions

Yes, but I would think that would have been while you were in Guardian spec and by choosing Legion Artifacts in the drop-down.

But if you wish to use an Artifact appearance while in an offspec, it will need to match the weapon type you have equipped.

I tested all different kinds of ways on my Druid who did all the Artifact quests and could not get it to work any other way.

But I will gladly admit an error on my information if someone can show a way that I missed.

I apologize, my response who not clear, I have mogged Fangs of Ashmane over a stave while in feral spec–

This makes a lot of sense as to why things are working the way they are, I am just coming back from a long break and never got into doing transmog beyond just selecting something from the “sets” thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

Oh yes, that would work when in the correct spec and choosing the Legion Artifact option.

Yea they changed it to us being able to do offspec transmog (but under the gear type restrictions) a while back.

You’re welcome.