Arms warrior still viable

With the buffs to fury is arms even worth taking?

I mean arms is still great. Warrior is second best melee behind combat rogue. They can play anything and get to high glad rank 1 Territory if played well.

Thunder arms feels really good right now.

Just play Fury and you’ll have a better time.


If you are a good defensive player (hint hint most warriors are not) then sky’s the limit.

Pretty sure arms in turbo is quite good.

Arms is still fine, it’s actually strong, even. It’s just not fury. Fury is borked, so it’s for sure better than arms.

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Yea, both wars specs are busted

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Arms is fantastic. Its just they do not have the survivability as Fury nor the sustained damage.

Think of it like Sub rogue to Outlaw rogue. Yeah Sub is amazing. but cant beat Outlaw in 10 years.

Probably because your warrior is sick AF

Windwalker, Demon Hunter, Feral Druid, Ret Pally all are ahead of Arms warrior by 100 miles.

I wouldn’t say ww is ahead of arms warrior lmao

In what world?

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I can understand ret and dh and feral being considered better than arms because ret/fury dh/dk jungle are kinda just s tier but not ww tho

Just play the class you like man


Amatox my class is in shambles and it’s your fault you kept whining about my spec when it was perfectly fine, but in reality u were just dog and didn’t know how to hit chains of ice :rage::rage::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Why should I chains of ice when you have hamstring and do no damage anyway (owned and mad)

That’s why I’m undefeated against you in 2s (owned and extra mad)

Bring up 2s is gonna get me mad dude wargame me and I’ll invite a real healer (my boyfriend volk)

How’d that juicy execute feel on your domepiece?? Bring your boyfriend idc it ain’t gonna remove the shame of you taking this giant L from someone 200xp less than you loser

My windwalker can literally 100-0 people in a single leg sweep.