Arms vs Fury

Hey guys, I’m leveling a warrior right now and I’m seeing that people primarily pick fury for M+/Raids and I would guess Arms is still the pick for PVP? I’m looking for more information about the viability of arms because it’s my preferred playstyle. It just feels better to me vs fury. I’m hoping I can still make it work in higher tier content.

Advice and honesty is greatly appreciated.

I believe that generally speaking Arms is seen as the PVP spec, and Fury as PVE spec, but both are perfectly viable until you are pushing on the bleeding edge of content. If you’re just looking to clear +15s or raiding, if you prefer the Arms playstyle, then play Arms.

I’d much rather take an Arms warrior who loves their spec and wants to squeeze every last ounce of performance out of it, even though it’s not ‘meta’ than a Fury warrior who switches specs and classes to whatever is ‘meta’ for the week and never learns to really perform well.

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Awesome, that definitely quells my nerves. Arms just feels so meaty and purposeful. I’m gonna go for it!


Whichever floats your boat.

As I have said, people tend to be better at class/specs that they enjoy more.

Pretty much this. Also goes for any class and spec.

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I feel like I can always do more dps as fury on dummies (since it is a perpetual motion machine), but in practice I pump on arms. There seems to be a breakpoint somewhere in terms of uptime vs dps output. Arms does suffer a bit more in raid where you just kinda run out of gas and the tank never really refills. But in m+, esp with Urh, arms is really good being so front loaded.

Being honest with you it mostly depends on the patch lol. RN for pvp fury does everything better than arms. Arms is not bad at all but fury is just better, arms was pretty good last M+ season too.
But i never saw either doing few damage.

Arms warrior here. If you want to win, go with Fury. They win in both PVE and PVP. They nerfed arms so much it went from S tier to D tier.

Like others have said, you can go both specs and do well. It depends on how far you want to go though.

Either spec can do to to 23-24 key range just fine, at this point with ilvl where it’s at I’m sure either is fine for mythic raiding (I’m not too sure I don’t raid but most people are above 272 ilvl at this point so it’s more mechanics and doing your rotation correctly) I don’t know anything about pvp.

What’s “high end content” for you?

Having played Arms quite a bit now in its current iteration, the most significant drawback for Arms is that it’s AoE is really clunky compared to Fury (and in PvE, especially group content, AoE is incredibly common).