Arms pvp question

Which would be the best legendary for Arms PvP? Also what is the stat priority and recommended pvp talents? thank you!

Your covenant choice is important in deciding those.

Necrlord: Painbreaker (sustained damage), Spell reflect (utility), Unhinged (burst) are the three you’re likely to use.

Kyrian: Almost always going to go elysian might, spear legendaray. Unhinged/reflect will see more use for kyrian next patch.

Stats are entirely your preference, Crit will create larger burst windows, haste will make things feel smooth, you will do well with either. Some people like to go for a balance and mix haste and crit pieces. I personally enjoy 10%~ haste and rest in crit, Gives me 10% haste and 21%~ crit.

Default pvp talents for most people is usually Sharpen, War banner, death sentence. Disarm generally replaces banner or death sentence vs other warriors.

War banner is worth using if you use it effectively otherwise its usually a wasted talent slot, War bringer usually replaces it in a basic layout if you’re finding yourself not using it right. Some notable situational talents:

Demolition, great vs locks since they all run the large absorb talent as well as MWs.

Duel, Great when you know its not going to be you that is bursted and there is a good chance you wont be in CC when it happens, like if a monk is going to be going your healer in 2s, cooldown lines up with bonedust brew for example.

Master and commander maybe vs hard burst if you aren’t making use of other talents, not really seeing much use.

Storm of destruction, Makes bladestorm a 1min cd, sees more use with unhinged, generally not better than other talents but may see a comeback in 9.2 with spear+unhinged legendary combo.

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Elysian Might for Kyrian
Enduring Blow for Necrolord
Sharpen Blade, rest are flex

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I wouldn’t waste the gold and cinders making a covenant leggo yet. I’m pretty sure you’ll have to rebuild the Covenant legendaries (if you have any currently) once the next Patch drops. So you should make Enduring Blow legendary for now as it will be BIS

Double Bladestorm is the only right answer.
Sure, it doesn’t work all the time, but when it does…