Armory pet and mount collection display issues

Here are some issues of the image displays (and lack thereof) for mounts and pets in the collection in the armory. I’m probably missing some, but these are ones I’ve noticed

Murkastrasza image is blank
Lil’ Ursoc is not in the collection (collected or uncollected)
Drakks is not in the collection (collected or uncollected)

Tangled Dreamweaver image is blank
Sunwarmed Furline image is extremely small
Caravan Hyena is very small
Eternal Phalynx mounts are small
Ensorcelled everwyrm mount is small
Sapphire skyblazer is very small
Netherlord’s accursed wrathsteed is smaller than the other two colors (although it seems felsteed and hearthsteed are also small)