Argg - Canada latency report

I was hoping it would dissipate, but this is exactly what I’ve been experiencing and still am. Everything is fine (downloads, VoIP, work from home, etc.) but I’m ~500 ms consistently with WoW.

Hey Argg, thanks for reaching out! Due to the lack of reports, the problem you’re experiencing likely isn’t related to the issues reported in this thread. Can you go ahead and grab a winMTR so we can further investigate the problem? Here are the instructions:

  1. Download the tool from this page
  2. Enter the game IP into the “host” field. The IP address for our games are listed on the winMTR instructions page
  3. Start the test and play the affected game for at least 15 minutes. Ensure the problem happens while the winMTR tool is running.
  4. After recording the problem data, click “export text” and save the winMTR file in an easy to find location.
  5. Once you have that made, open the file. You’ll need to copy and paste the contents of the Text document into the post, and put four Tilde (~) marks above the winMTR. It’ll look like this:
WinMTR goes here

If you have issues pasting here, please use Pastebin and post the link (ex: Pastebin (dot) com/123456).

i still have problem they star tonight going crazy around 7pm server time

Any solution yet?

There is a blue post with instructions within this very thread.