Argent Dawn. World of Warcraft, Hope for New cooler Customization/Transmogs in the coming Expansion

This is my First time writing a very dedicated and important message to a World of Warcraft Forum, so let me get to the point immediately! I saw this picture recently,

( Search ’ Kalecgos new model WoW ’ in Google. So you will see what I’m talking about)
(Couldn’t type the link of a picture here unfortunately)

and it Wow’ed me, it made me go like ‘‘WOW!’’, because the work that has done into making the new Kalecgos is just absolutely wonderful, the human model, the face, the hairstyle, and most importantly his armor, his transmog is pretty much all 3D modeled armor, and not texture armor that’s just classic type armor that you equip in game, and then it looks like a really tight shirt printed on you. THIS Armor on Kalecgos looks Great, and it’s best for the appearance of his character, and my wishing in this topic is that the Employees working on the next expansion of World of Warcraft will work on these exact same looking transmogs for us players, not just the NPC’s, because I think we all want to look like Kalecgos… Just look at that sharp and realistic looking human face.

I am from a RP Server, and I dedicate part of my life in the act of role-play, and I truly want to immerse myself sometimes in a fantasy world, because such is possible in the modern age of our society and world. I hope that in the next expansion we will have not just a great expansion about Dragons, but also added improvements in the game that improve the lifestyle of a RP’er, because in World of Warcraft, Realm Argent Dawn there are many RP’ers wishing a lot from Blizzard, and I want That. That Kalecgos. I also very much approve the idea of having more customizations in the game, in-fact I dare vote for a complete new improvement re-modeling of all the race skins, just like all the races were re-modeled in warlords of draenor, perhaps that doesn’t need to happen, you could just add the option to enable a new appearance of your chosen race, be it human or elf, or orc. Thinking about this even more, I hope we the new Dragon race can also transform into a human form too, meaning not the classic blood elf/void elf model, but just like Kalecgos.

This has been a lot of writing, maybe it’s too much, but I try do my Best to make myself absolutely clear on that what I want to say! Hahah. Thank you. : )