Arfus in Retail

Okay, I get that but I’m saying people on Wowhead have said they got the pet in their loot bag without being cursed. So, its confusing.

The curses just give you access to an achievement if you do it right, and a slightly increased drop chance on the rarer rewards (mount, Arfus, drake manuscript). Not required, just gives you some extra % chance.


Thank you for clarifying. I’ve run the instance on 5 alts this morning, the last one I took the curse from just the wicker man in the instance, and did not see any change to the loot. So, now I understand the curses give you a slight better chance at receiving better loot.


That’s why I said both versions, normal and cursed. Some people weren’t sure if it would drop without the curses, but it does.


i think its just an increased chance on the FIRST toon on your account, not all the time.


Is there an increased chance on the first kill of the day for the headless horseman mount?

Yes, and the first drop of the day receives a bonus likelihood that scales with the number of curses you apply."

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Haven’t gotten Arfus yet over any of my toons, but I have gotten two mounts (already got that when it was first available as loot way back when) and X4 on the sword…no Arfus or Manuscript yet.

The only thing I’ve seen from my dozen alts is the Scarlet Monastery key and a redundant battle pet (fourth for my account).

Maybe tonight or later this week.

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I ran 25 level 60-70 characters yesterday and got a nice piece of armor on 2, and a bunch of the squishing pets that you can’t even give away anymore. No mount (other than a holiday-only broom) and not Arfus.

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Annnnd thats exactly what happened.

We don’t even have any clarity from blizzard if curses give increased drop chances beyond the first kill of the day, so here I am slogging away alt after alt doing all in hardmode INCASE it gives an increase for what is already looking like yet another pathetically low drop chance.

Blizzard just keep making the same frustrating mistakes over and over and over and I am honestly sick of it.

Up to around 100 kills now, no mount (have it already though) no drake and no arfus.


Well, finally on the 5th day after running 17 toons a day, I finally got Arfus! And my curses dropped off before kill but got him anyway. Now to try for the drake!


You got lucky, like crazy lucky. 170 kills so far here and nothing. It takes me all day to run all my toons through, I am so damned over it :frowning:


Rarity is telling me that Arfus is a 1% drop rate (although I suspect that’s just a placeholder value) so I’m not seriously expecting it to drop for me.

The secret to a placid life is keeping your expectations low.


Up to around 220 kills now, at the end of today (literally ALL day because thats how long it takes me to run every single eligible character i have through) it will be up to around 280 kills.

This is honestly just so upsetting, every first kill of the day with 4 curses just gets me the same 2 candies and a mask, havent even seen the drake script which is apparently a 2% drop chance… Is my account broken? :sob:


I see this complaint a lot.

No, it’s not you. No, it’s not personal. Your luck is actually typical. You’re just seeing the positive feedback from the very few very lucky who know to post. The real odds are much worse than the “I got it” posts might lead you to believe. If everybody that has run a dozen toons through the event every day and still not gotten a good drop would also post here, you’d see how unremarkable your status is.

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280 kills and no 2% drop even seen? that is even getting unlucky if it was a 1% drop, i’m getting into the lower percentile of chances for that to happen. Makes me feel like something is broken (I guess it is, its my luck that is broken :sob: :sob: )

EDIT: ok so i’m not a mathematician (far from it) but i’ve looked up general probability odds for someone doing 280 attempts at a 2% drop item and the chance of not seeing it by now lies at 0.35%. Which is even lower than the drop chance for both the mount and arfus, so I am starting to think something IS actually broken here…


People use this chained probability calculation as if it proved RNG owes them something.

In truth, it means nothing predictively. Your next attempt will have exactly the same 1% (ferexample) chance as the last 300.


Just got mine after 14th hard mode run of the day on Evoker.

Unforunately his moveset and stats is just a mini ragnaros, unless he comes in different breeds that is.

Mine is a P/P that mimics Lil Ragnaros and has a moveset that mimics. Frost Tomb being the Magma Trap, Slumber is the add avoidance, etc. He even got the team swipe in the first row.

Anyone got a different breed or just all P/P?

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The warcraftpets website database suggests he only comes in the one breed:

Thankfully only one breed. Since Arfus can’t be caged and you can only have one in the journal, it’d be really annoying if he came in more than one :melting_face: