Aren't people with XP turned off supposed to be limited to XP off battlegrounds?

how is leveling slow an advantage though?

You know exactly how it’s an advantage. If it wasn’t, why does every twink do that, along with exiting the game just before it ends?

Don’t be silly.


explain it to me.

It’s an exploit. You can report them cheating.

You could explain it better I am sure.

so it’s not the gear it’s unequal leveling speed?
someone locking xp to gear up to one shot you is fine as long as they level at the same pace as everyone else?

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shhh they aren’t ready for that truth yet :rofl:


You know what slower or stopped XP means for gearing, and you are looking to argue about it.


What’s up!!! Can you believe these people crying? Remember our re-roll days? Nothing will stop us lol.

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Level 20, and level 50, do not require you to turn exp off in order to twink.

For level 20, you are placed in the exp ON bracket if you are on a level 20 character with no game time (and thus cannot level past 20). For level 50, if you did not buy SL, you are also placed in the exp ON bracket because 50 is as high as you can level, and you have not opted to turn exp off yourself.

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Are you actually arguing on behalf of the faceroll kills that the exploiter is achieving with this method?

You know very well why they are reducing XP, and its the same reason blizz separated the brackets. The power gap on gear and sockets is huge while leveling. There is no issue in getting the gear, but to blatantly abuse the reduced experience debuff solely to farm easy kills for as long as possible.

Most people use low level BGs as a fun break from the dungeon/quest grind - heirlooms used to be fine while leveling. Chromie time has opened up almost full socket gear for twinks to use though, resulting in a large power gap.

To knowingly get gear that is better than 80%+ of the general BG goer to achieve easy kills is not enough - they need to reduce experience gained so they can cheese it as long as possible. :face_vomiting:

Just watch some of Somfas’ vids, hunter with xp debuff or the warriors with xp debuff when crusader was broken.


“most people” need to gear their toons. imagine thinking joining a team pvp game will be a “break” in any way lol. going from predictable AI mobs while questing to actual players in a battle ground is a step up not down. take that complacent attitude out of my games please.


Define “gear” your toons. Do you honestly expect the average leveler to run raids and dungeons until they get enough socket gear to match the twinks?

When is the last time you did a BG in the 20-29 bracket?


you say average but most players aren’t anywhere close. listen to everyone with boas who actually are average. most don’t have any problems. of course add in certain low level specs that perform well AND being in premade groups. those are real problems. not the availability of gear or if you think its worth it to constantly upgrade while pvp leveling.
cant run a dungeon using lfg tool at level 10. want to guess why? its gear. same at level 50 with sl dungeons if your ilvl is too low. the pve part of the game is telling you to gear up but in your mind it’s perfectly fine to pvp with that same gear?
get over yourselves.

Boa/heirloom gear is not average, not anymore. Join a bg with heirloom gear in the 20-29 bracket, and come back with the results :rofl:

The reduced xp buff is allowing people to intentionally get gear that is superior to that of the average leveler, and instead of getting maybe 10-20 bgs they are able to plague that particular bracket for a disgusting amount of bgs.

a player in boas at level 24 has equal stats and a bit more hp than a 20 twink. think
of a 20 like a level 24 player.
gear your alts.

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Oh you are just so full of it ma’am.

Level 20 hunters which is what most of the f2p bracket are, are way more over powering than any 24 boa player.

The way the gems and gear scale, makes it next to impossible to come in with regular level gear and survive.

The fact that you are defending this makes you look pretty dumb.

Oh level up your alts she says.

Such ignorance.

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Actually turning xp off allows twinks to farm gear. That’s allowed, if the debuff gets fixed all twinks will do is make a few toons to play and start at 16 and afk out of the bg, swap toons to cycle out deserted debuff. This will net each toon roughly 30 bgs per level.
Say they are using 3 toons to cycle through, that’s 360 bgs to level 20.

But they won’t have a pink debuff.

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Here is what I rolled into the 10-19 bracket with
All crafted or bought from npc vendors btw took me 10-15 minutes to gear.
here is my average game in the 10-19 bracket while lvling

Here is my 23-29 set up

here is my average game as affliction the spec that’s worse then destro btw.

I would have done better if I hadn’t sat mt for the last half of the game.
Gearing is really easy for pvp if you know what you are doing this set up lasts me until lvl 48 I just have to remake the gear every now and then.
There are also a lot of vendors I can supplement off pieces with/some strong trinkets.

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A bit of stretch please refrain from personal insults, and OP is right Twinks shouldn’t be able to queue against leveling players.