Arena World Championship Season 1 Finals are Here!

Arena World Championship Season 1 Finals are Here!

The AWC Season 1 Finals are live on YouTube May 1 - 2, beginning at 10 am PT!

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That’s nice.

Stop balancing PvE and PvP based on MDI and AWC.


I haven’t watched any up to this point, so I feel like I wouldn’t understand the story.


Activision FPS World Championship

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I wonder which classes will be featured



zZzZzZzZz :sleeping:


Any SV hunters yet? no? will you admit that its a good idea to make sv ranged again

I expect viewership is going to be really low, at least until 9.1 brings something new.

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The match between GG and C9 is going to be epic. I dont think C9 has an answer for bm hunter Ret and hpriest.

AWC is at least more fun to watch then MDI.
This is still awful for the state of the game though.

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Getting ready for the show!

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: does the slow turn and exits

:door: :boom:

I would rather watch grass grow. At least each blade gets a fair chance at life and doesn’t magically get cut down because nature arbitrarily decided that the ones closest to the sidewalk were the only ones that mattered.