Arena World Championship Returns May 3!

Arena World Championship Returns May 3!

Get ready to watch the top World of Warcraft© teams clash in AWC Season 4.

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Rip any balance changes then?


don’t they usually do balance changes right after?

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:yawning_face: :sleeping:

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Oh man. Absolutely neuter Fury warriors then launch the Arena world championship. “Balancing”

No one cares.

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They didn’t last time

Hopefully, but ya they’re likely waiting for AWC to finish before doing more balancing for pvp

Does blizzard honestly think people care about this when they saw last awc was ran by boomie rogue/dh and none of the 3 received changes but all 3 got their best expansion tier sets? gratz i can already predict what comp wins and i can already predict this will be like the 12th awc in a row where if i even see a warrior ill be amazed


People really watch this with the insanely bad balancing Blizzard is known for?
The ultimate, “bring the class not the player” PVP?

I would be happy if they brought the balance to even past bad levels. As it is right now, its embarrassing.