Arena World Championship is Back for 2022!

Arena World Championship is Back for 2022!

The Arena World Championship is back and kicks off with the first of four separate open cups beginning March 18-20, only on YouTube!

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Will half the contestants have tier sets?

I for one welcome our RMP overlords.

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Oh boy I can’t wait to see the breathtaking fast-paced results for Always Waiting on Cooldowns!

Can we please get the E-Snores crap out of this game?

I can win this competition with the purchase of a token, right?

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What specs are meta this patch?

WOOO arenaaaaaaaa

Can’t wait for the same, cloned comps slap fighting around pillars, and the overpaid broadcasters overselling the action.

Rogue did his control thing.
Priest did his heal thing.
Mage is just there for sentimental value.

Curious to see what ends up being played.

Well, we can guess based on performances now.

Definitely Sub Rogue.
Definitely Disc Priest, maybe Holy Paladin.
Just toss in a Mage.

Boom. Your 2022 comp everyone.

End eSports in wow. Make the game great again.

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Can’t wait to see everything die in a kidney