Arena World Championship Circuit Viewer’s Guide

Arena World Championship Circuit Viewer’s Guide

Sixteen Arena World Championship teams compete in the Season 3 Circuit for a shot at the Grand Finals. The action begins on May 28th, only on YouTube!

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Looks promising, although I don’t need watch a guide to figure out how to press Alt+F4.

shield vs anti-esport post

How is this important?


Yes, so ready to watch more RMP games given you buffed priest so hard that it’s all you see now in PvP. Wooooooo so ready for more of the same!!!

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Why do they bother having these still. Holy priest has been the only relevant healer for months now please fix your game🤣

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Yes, and with Holy Priests in the dirt maybe I can play Affliction again!

I don’t care I just want you to buff Arcane so I can be competitive and not dead last.

Where is Holinka with the updates to PvP?

i love how the pvp is so exciting and fantastic in the tournament realm where all players buy the the same gear free on npcs and everything is balanced and for the other thousands ,the 99% of players play the most crappiest pvp ever made, a oneshot fest by more geared players vs lower geared ones.

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Talking about PvP.

Can we please make Lord/Lady of War title account wide already?

Thank you,

Balance the healers, no one wants to watch the World of Holy Priest tournament. It’s actually a joke that you want to make PvP a competitive esport but have some specs so far ahead of others they can’t even compete. Look at PvE, look at PvP, the AWC, MDI it’s nothing but holy priest. Balance the game.