Arena PvP gear question

My friend and I want to do some 2v2s but my ilvl on my main is 420 and his is 395. If I were to do 2v2s with him with a alt item set at 395 as well, will the LFG R Arenas use the overall average ilvl (including bags and bank) when selecting teams (e.g. selecting based off ilvl 420 instead of 395)? Or since I switch to my 395 alt set and he is 395 normally, LFG will pick teams that are around the 395 range?

I read about the ilvl scaling on the other forums about the overall average includes so I don’t think that what I am asking work but wanted to get some insight in case I was missing something.

(I tried posting this to the Arena PVP forums but for some reason I couldn’t post there. If anybody has the ability to move this to that forum, much appreciated)