Arena Map Pools and Rotation

Okay, serious question.

You say you considered z axis

Yet you put mugambala and robodrome, the two most abuseable “im just gonna teleport to the top of this and blast you and you melee can do NOTHING about it” maps in the same pool.

Blades Edge, Mugambala, and Robodrome should have been seperated.

Week C is terrible and many will skip it.

Terrible change… change for the sake of change. Not sure if the devs realize, but some maps favor certain comps and classes. A random map pool was fair for all, and the change turned something fair into an abusable irritation when facing certain comps during certain weeks.


nice xpac keep up the great work lol

just remove blades edge, mugambala, and robodrome from rated pvp then you dont need this terrible map pool garbage at all

I don’t like this change, anything that will make people avoid queueing is not good. This just seems unnecessary
If anything I would’ve preferred to see a new battleground added in.


After reading player feedback, we looked at the number of large maps available to players in each pool per week and Pool C ended up with more of the larger maps than the rest. To address this, we swapped Tiger’s Peak from Pool B with Tol’Viron Arena from Pool C.


After ignoring player feedback, we decided to continue with this terrible idea. Thx please send money.


I wish I could enjoy this, but Prot Pally just got DESTROYED WITH NERFS. THANKS!!!

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Players never asked for this change and it is another one that Blizzard came up with 0 communication to the players. Now we will have people avoiding queueing on certain weeks. The vast majority of arena players don’t want to keep playing the same arena maps over and over and over and over.

Terrible change and even worse communication.

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I share this sentiment. Blade’s Edge is the most horribly designed arena and I hate it with every fiber of my being.

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While I don’t enjoy this change and I don’t think it’s needed, but, to balance everything out could you up the pool to 9 and do 3 large, 3 medium, and 3 small maps every week?

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Are you guys actually reading our feedback though?!?!??! We just overwhelmingly told you we hate this.


lmao why would reducing the variety in maps ever be a good thing? wtf is this change?

maybe we should have a weekly rotation of what pvp pieces we can buy each week too, like the corruption rotations

maybe u can only buy gloves on Wednesday


What a horrible idea that nobody asked for…ever

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I don’t understand, who needs it? reduce the variety of arenas, just what would be the logic to come up with that? What is it for? and what is it good for? This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in the history of Warcraft, okay, only furivar in pvp is dumber.

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This is not fantastic AT ALL, this means some weeks, you won’t even be able to cap because it’s not going to be your week, different compositions play better in some maps, taking this randomize of variety away means, if you’re in ranged dps week and you are mele, you’ll get smashed every single day and you’ll struggle to cap at cost of your rating. How is this good in your mind?

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Just an overall bad change, it’s a cool idea in concept but once everyone’s full geared people will only play their specific characters/comps on specific weeks. Not ideal for playercount and ladder health/consistency.

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Bad change in my opinion. This is a game with a long legacy. Limiting the amount of maps (even removing battlegrounds, which has been done in the past) is weird. You’re not changing balance by doing this, in fact, there’s a decent chance you make it worse for people depending on the rotation.

I don’t see the logic in this change at all. It seems like another “large number bad” situation. If a map isn’t good for rated, then remove it from the rated pool.

a few weeks into the season and i can safely say my opinion is that this change isn’t fun at all

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This change still confuses me and doesn’t really make any sense. how is more maps a bad thing, again?