Arena Countdown BUG

** THIS IS RETAIL NOT BETA**When Entering an Arena 2v2 for Example. THE COUNTDOWN TIL ARENA STARTS before gate opens up has like 2 minutes extra added to it so you don’t know the exact time gates open up and it really throws your game off Ive deleted .WTF folder I’ve deleted all addons and including a full reinstall of the game please address this issue with either a solution or acknowledge that we are being heard @blizzardcs please and thank you.

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I mean it’s the same in BGs. The countdown ends and the gates don’t open. This Pre Patch is the biggest in history so there are some functions that need some tweaking.

All we’re asking for is a solution or them to acknowledge us that they are aware

Well I am sure they are busy doing the Legendary tuning pass and we have 200 of them. Also they core systems aren’t great yet as well as other mechanical bugs.

An Arena bug right now isn’t even important in the grand scheme of trying to get SL ready for launch. Most Pre Patch PvP bugs will exist till launch of SL. It’s not like they have a staff available that can fix it. It’s all hands on deck with their understaffed crew to get SL ready not fix Pre Patch PvP.

Just hope they fix most of the issues with SL. Maybe next year Blizz can hire some help if they get funding? Maybe they can hire someone to work on PvP? Guess we will see what happens but I don’t expect much to happen till next year in regards to PvP or until they have a FULL staff again. So many cut back and people left Blizz to go to other companies.

It’s literally every few days we here about more Blizz employees that left. Not sure who is left to fix anything for PvP. It’s going to be on the back burner.

If they would hire remote I’m sure they’d have full staffing but either way if they can’t fix issues due to staffing they need to provide compensation to those who pay for their service.

I am sure the delay in the gates opening will be fixed by Season 1 of SL.

I am having arena issues with the timer as well. I don’t even get a count down at all. This is live as well not beta.

i agree this is an issue but the issue that dh is weak must be fixed first

buff dh

This has been hot fixed

not it hasnt been fixed.