[A][Regulatørs] 5/10N - (Cross Server Guild) Looking for stable Dps/Healers

Guild: Regulatørs
Guild Realms: Malfurion, Hyjal, Stormrage (We are part of a cross-server guild.)
Private Guild Community Channel: RegsRaidChat
Faction: Alliance

Raiding Schedule:
Wednesday, Friday (Progression Main Run) - 5.30PM PST / 8.30PM EST to 9.00PM PST / 12.00AM EST
Saturday (Alt Run) - 5.30PM PST / 8.30PM EST to 9.00PM PST / 12.00AM EST

Current Progression:
5/10N SOD, 8/10H CN, 10/10N CN

Raid Needs:
Looking for stable Dps and Healers that can raid at the above times on a regular basis.
(This was one of the issues we faced on Heroic CN not enough stable raiders.)

Raider Perks:
Guildies who attend raid are given flask/food during raid.
Also once attending raid on a regular basis (at least 3 weeks) rank is raised so that guild repair is accessible.
We will also take care of enchants/gems if needed once rank is raised.

Guild was first created as a social guild on 7/6/2010 on Hyjal,
through ups and downs we never failed to raid and have continued to try to expand over the years.
We have also grown into a cross-server community with guilds on both Malfurion and Stormrage.
Our private guild community channel allows us to coordinate raids with all three guilds.
We also maintain a private facebook channel and discord.

Guild leaders strive to give a secure environment to play with the least amount of toxic behavior possible.
(We normally are looking for players who display respect for others and do not have toxic or racist personalities.)
Our raids tend to be adult oriented with many topics discussed during trash phases of the raid, so socializing is encouraged. Discord is private however it is open to use at all times for Mythic+s and other groups and we encourage guildes to use it.

As time has progressed we have noticed more and more guilds collapsing around us we have offered players who don’t raid a stable environment as well. While we encourage players to be competitive we also try to establish that our guild is a home, as long as you treat it with respect you are welcome.

We will not stop you from having alts/mains in other guilds, we do not force you to give up BOE’s,
we only ask that you attend raid on a regular basis to keep progress viable.

Rather than go it alone in an MMO we consider this the best way to play the game.

If interested then please feel free to contact:
Hearthstone-Hyjal, Greenstone-Malfurion or Soulstone-Stormrage for invite.

Remember all ilvls and specs are welcome.