Area52 Wed/Thurs/Sun 10p-Midnight EST AOTC Guild

(Fluffmykítty) #1

Hello Hello!
Narcissistic Knights on Area 52 is looking for more dps to boost our roster! We’re currently 9/9H 1/9M BoD and 1/2H Cos :3

We’re very social, love to joke around/have fun and enjoy running M+ dungeons as well - run +10’s and higher regularly to make sure everyone gets that awesome loot each week.
(we have some cute girls too! and a chinchilla :stuck_out_tongue: lol)

We’re a casual progression guild, most have jobs and/or families to keep us busy during the weekdays, but evenings is when we come around for raiding, keys, etc!

Raid Times:
Wed, Thurs & Sun
10p EST (7p PST) - Midnight EST (9pm PST)
9/9H 1/9M BoD, AOTC in Uldir (pre-guild merge)

If interested, please feel free to poke me on battlenet!
Thank you

Battlenet: DreadKitteh#1186
Discord: psykokitteh#2739
(raider io score of 1040)


le bumpity bump!

come have fun with us be it raiding, key pushing or just bsing!

(Fluffmykítty) #3

bump ^^ tonight doing myth champs and then maybe back to H Crucible!


bumpity , 1/2H!

(Fluffmykítty) #5

come join our family :3