Area52 Wed/Thurs/Sun 10p-Midnight EST AOTC Guild

(Fluffmykítty) #1

Hello Hello!
Narcissistic Knights on Area52 is looking for more dps to boost our roster! We’re ready to take on The Crucible of Storms, work on mythic progress in BoD and prepare for 8.2! We’re all super excited for 8.2’s arrival. (would love more to do myth prog, roster is at 15-16 people)

We’re very social, love to joke around/have fun and enjoy running M+ dungeons as well - run +10’s and higher regularly to make sure everyone gets that awesome loot each week.
(we have some cute girls too! and a chinchilla :stuck_out_tongue: lol)

Raid Times:
Wed, Thurs & Sun
10p EST (7p PST) - Midnight EST (9pm PST)

If interested, please feel free to poke me on battlenet!
Thank you

Battlenet: DreadKitteh#1186
Discord: psykokitteh#2739
(raider io score of 1040)


le bumpity bump!

come have fun with us be it raiding, key pushing or just bsing!

(Fluffmykítty) #3

bump ^^ tonight doing myth champs and then maybe back to H Crucible!