Area-52 VDH LF Guild

I’m looking for a semi-hardcore progression guild after not really having mythic raided a lot this tier (prior experience in Nya’lotha was 9/12 M before I stopped raiding and 8/8 M EP CE).

I’m looking for a guild that raids nights preferably and that is decently progressed into CN - I’m very confident in my tanking abilities and am planning to switch covenants back to Kyrian (Currently NF) - I can also offspec dps, not that I necessarily prefer it, but I’m open it, and of course I’m cool with the bench when need be.

I know many guilds will probably scoff at the idea of someone who hasn’t tanked super far into mythic CN joining a more progressed raid team than my current raiding experience this tier, but I know I’m a good tank and am fully confident that I can show that in a trial, and of course I have prior CEs, looking forward to the posts, thanks!

(I am willing to faction change and server transfer if need be).

Hi Vynesttra! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

Good afternoon!

I am with Corrupted Cannoli on Area52 (just like you!!) and we happen to be looking for a tank!

We are AoTC; 2/10M with some pulls on Hungering

Days/Times: Friday and Saturday 8-11pm EST

We do require that our raiders complete at least one mythic+ weekly, if you enjoy mythic+ then you might get a kick out of running with us! We also hold game nights, events, we’re about to bring back and optional casual raid even! We are very inclusive/friendly and would love someone who also enjoys hanging out a bit!

Give me a shout if you think we might be the home for you (or if you just want a trial run!)
Bnet: Okashiro#11455
Discord: Okashiro#2856

If you are still available, I can have you in mythic nathria tonight. Gorlock#7739 on discord