[Area 52 Horde]<Super Murder Friends> Recruiting mythic raiders - Tue/Wed 9pm EDT

About us:

We are a recently formed guild, but our raid team has been raiding together for most of this tier. We are 3/9M BoD, though the majority of our core is 4/9M. We are looking for a few outstanding raiders to help supplement our raid team so we will be able to push deeper into Mythic BoD and, more importantly, have a strong group together for 8.2 and beyond.

Our times:

All times are in Eastern – Area 52 Server Time.

Main, progression raid:
Tuesday – 8:45pm to Midnight
Wednesday – 8:45pm to Midnight

Farm/alt raid:
Friday – 8:45pm to Midnight

Current needs:

High need:
2 Mages of any variety
1 Flexible Monk - Brewmaster and Windwalker
1 Shadow Priest - Discipline offspec a bonus

Moderate need:
1 DPS Death Knight - Blood offspec a bonus
1 DPS Demon Hunter - Vengeance offspec a bonus
1 Elemental Shaman
1 Warlock of any variety

All exceptional applicants will of course be considered.

Our expectations:

We are looking for progression-minded raiders who are willing to work with the team to get dumb raid bosses to run out of hit points. Being prepared, being mature, and working with the team are the most important factors. We do have minimum requirements as well as weekly requirements (primarily getting one Mythic 10+ done a week) that we ask of all of our raiders. Minimum effort will be required, but additional effort will be rewarded.

We believe in open and honest communication, and that is a road that goes both ways. Using both ranks and the English language, members of <Super Murder Friends> will know exactly where they stand, and through feedback surveys and the ability to whisper me and yell at me at any time, I hope to know how everyone feels as well.

If you are interested in either talking more or jumping into the fray, please reach out to me on Discord (preferred) or post below.

Discord: Rapid#8942

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Bump because come on I need a WW monk i most of my Mythic + :open_mouth:

Come Join us for our push into mythic BOD and into Azsharas Palace!

Bump bump bump. Before I reroll WW monk, I am already tempted.

Come and Join our ranks for next tiers push great raiders and active members

Updated with our 3/9M BoD from last night - showing great success in our new home!

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Come join us for the upcoming weeks reset!!!

Late Night bump come join us just updated our recruitment needs