Area 52 Horde. 5 LFGuild


Hello myself along with 4 of my friends are looking for a mythic raiding progression guild as well as high keys. Our mains are Outlaw Rogue, Boomy, Resto Druid, and 2 havoc demon hunters. We all have multiple toons we can play and are open to adjusting classes for a guilds raiding. Please respond here. Thank you!


Ignore the draenei Shaman. We were alliance players and we switched to horde with new character. In game name is Darthlokkor.
We are looking to raid around 9-10 est start time if during the week. Could also be flexible with times.
Discord: Lokkor#4359


We are STARGAZING at Illidan. Formed at the beginning of BFA we have achieved AOTC every tier with some Mythic Progression. 3/9M BOD. We also have players who enjoy grinding the big boy keys. We are looking for dedicated players who don’t mind the grind and are willing to learn. We aim to lay the pipe on bosses and have a good time doing it.

We raid TUE/WED 10PM-1AM CST. If you have any questions or are interested feel free to message me on Discord: Gambi#0794 or BNET: BlackGamba#1864


Hey we could use hunters,dks,rogue and range classes. Were from a guild called absolute on mal’ganis, we are a semi hardcore guild looking for like minded raiders we were 5/9 M and couldve been more but lost core to real life. We raid tues-wed 7-10 est. We also have a large group of m+ guys and im looking at starting a fun BG team. Id love to talk to you guys and get a feel of the group. Add me!

Btag lyssa#1156
Discord- Olysian#5213

(Kirkdiggler) #5

Paintrain United on A 52 (horde)

Building a different kind of guild where we are social but also get things done! Everyone is equal, nobody gets kicked as long as they are trying to improve. Using that concept we got 6/9 Heroic and plan to continue to improve in next raid. We got a late start BoD.

Raid Wed/Thu 8-10 EST
M+ whenever people want to go but organized Monday nights
Friday is PvP night

We are not professionals but we do have fun.