Area 52 (H) Mistweaver Monk LF Raiding Guild

I am looking for a guild that I could raid, do mythic pluses, potentially PVP, and just have a great time with. I have played and raided since BC but have not really had a consistent raiding guild since the beginning of Legion. I am an active WoW player and love to do all aspects of the game while not raiding. You can find me participating in mythic plus dungeons, dailies and pvp. I love the sense of being apart of something and miss that dearly! If you have any questions post here or add me on real ID at Robertcopper#1512. Anything would be greatly appreciated! My schedule is pretty well open most nights but would prefer a Tuesday/Sunday night raiding schedule! Thank you all!

About Detoxed
═══ ++ Detoxed - Thrall-US ++ ═══ Detoxed is a Semi-Hardcore raiding guild that was formed by a group of friends with previous raid experience in Legion, with some members raiding together in Pandaria and WoD. We’re a close-knit guild and most of the members consider each other family. We are a guild mainly looking to down mythic bosses with efficiency and push high end M+ keys. With that being said we still like to enjoy this game, so while we like to be serious during pulls, we aren’t afraid to joke and mess around in-between pulls and trash packs. Some weekends we like to do a drunk raid night, where we come up with a list of things you must drink to if they happen. Of course, if you do not drink that is okay you are more than welcome to come along for the laughs.

In BoD we were 7/9M and unfortunately most of our raid team decide to postpone their adventures and we decided to take a tier off. Currently we are 3/8 and looking to bolster our ranks for this tier and beyond. Most importantly we are an adult guild that loves to have fun in many ways. If this guild sounds like a good fit for you feel free to add Tablemaker#1666, Fireonice#11859 or Menios#11710 on bnet or if discord is more your flavor Tablemaker#4614 or Xenia#1647

  • Raid Times/Days: Tuesday(8-11pm EST)/Thursday(8-11pm EST)
    • Current and previous accomplishments: 3/8M Eternal Palace, 7/9 BoD, 6/8 Uldir and we achieved 11/11 (CE) in Antorus.