Area 52 <Gray Parse Gang> 2/10H needs YOU

Area 52 2/10H needs YOU

Is the last guild that you will ever join. Yeah, I said it, and that’s because we’re more than a guild. Gray Parse Gang is a community that found it’s beginnings in the ashes of BFA. We came together out of a desire to create a permanent home for our members. Our only goal is to provide an environment where our members can do all the content that they’re interested in. You want to raid? Join us. You want to push keys? Even better. PvP? We have that. Just looking for a chill group of people to call your friends? Welcome. All experience and skill levels will find a home with us and we’ll always work to raise each other up.

NOW, since this is a recruitment post for raiding, our goals are as follows. With our sights set on AotC, we’re currently looking for mages, a demon hunter and either a holy paladin or discipline priest to round out our composition. We currently raid Tuesdays and Fridays from 8PM - 11PM E.S.T. So if it sounds like your goals align with our then reach out to any of our excellent officers.

For more information or to join up you can contact;
Myself : Killancer - Killancer#1194
Or : Bandrui - Kepler#11613