Are you tired of wasting time in LFG for Eternal Palace?!

UPDATE: We are now 8/8 H and have fallen into a time frame of 2:30 Server times raids on Tuesdays. This would be 3:30 Eastern time. Mythic group will be forming very soon!

The title says it all folks! If you are tired of constantly spending excess time in public groups to re-progress every week, or if you simply want to consistently clear HEROIC Eternal Palace every week in a timely manner, then continue reading!

Section I: The Situation

I am Shamownz and play on the server cluster with Agamaggan, Archimonde, Burning Legion, Jaedenar, and The Underbog servers.

I am looking for players who are in a similar situation to me with similar goals in mind. My guild raids one day a week, and as a result I have to do a majority of my raiding through the LFG system. When not busy I typically raid 7 days a week, most of which is a huge waste of time and energy wiping to bosses I have previously beaten with other Pugs or being denied to groups for many various reasons.

The first thing you might ask, is why don’t I find a guild that shares my raiding goals?

If that isn’t obvious at this point, its because I like my guild! I refuse to leave, and it is my sincere hope that there are more people like me out there in the server group whose loyalty to their friends and guild makes the decision to leave for selfish reasons a choice that is COMPLETELY OFF THE TABLE


With Classic World of Warcraft release right around the corner, I feel a strong urge to build a consistent group who can do weekly clears of heroic Eternal Palace, because there will not be much time during the first month of classic release to grind full clears with groups in the LFG system.

If anything mentioned in the Section I applies to you, or for any other reason you need a consistent Heroic clearing group, then I implore you to continue reading.

Section II: The Action Plan

I am putting together a team of players that will function through the In-game World of Warcraft Communities system. We will utilize this in-game system to establish a tryout system for anyone who shares our common goals. If you have made it to this section, then you are most likely qualified to be a part of this team. That being said, there is a preferred set of criteria that I would like from people interested in the team, as there is a hard limit on the number of members which can be a part of the eventual Mythic group. The criteria will also be a way to build a reputation, which will be expected to be upheld by every member through skill, dedication, and maturity. Before going into those criteria, I want to outline the major goals of this group.


  1. Quick and Easy clears of Heroic Eternal Palace on a weekly basis.

  2. Progression into Mythic Raids once the group core is established.

  3. Maintain a community of skilled, dedicated, and mature players without reliance on a guild.

The goals are plain and simple. We will begin clearing heroic as soon as the group has 10 members that meet the preferred criteria, and will continue to expand well past the 20 players necessary for Mythic to provide ample opportunity for people who make efforts to progress themselves into the highest levels of raiding.

Preferred or Required Criteria

This is a list of expectations for members of the core team as well as those aiming to be part of the community in a more casual manner. Some of these expectations are a requirement, while others may just be something that is preferred for the success of the whole group. This list is subject to change.

  • Have an interest in becoming a core member of the team(preferred)

  • Have an interest in being a casual member of the team(preferred)

  • Have an interest in being part of a community of serious players(required)

  • Don’t mind being benched for the betterment of the group(required)

  • Play on the Horde(REQUIRED)

  • Play on Agamaggan, Archimonde, Burning Legion, Jaedenar, and The Underbog(required only for Mythic Raid until it opens to LFG)

  • Can play anytime, with a major emphasis on Tuesdays at 2:30 server time/3:30 EST US time and before the standard raid times used by most guilds.(preferred)

  • Strong Understanding of class expectations and roles(required)

  • Flexibility between specializations and even multiple characters(preferred)

  • Reliable Attendance(attendance > 90% required for core team, no expectations for casuals)

  • Main spec Damage Dealers dps above 30k single target(preferred)

  • Progress character outside of Raids utilizing Rated PvP, Mythic+, or other content which provides substantial gear upgrades. (Preferred)

  • Properly maintains enchants, personal consumables and etc. (Required)

  • Willing to donate materials for Raid Wide Feasts, Cauldrons, etc. (Preferred)

  • Reliable PC, Internet, and Communication Hardware/skills (Required)

  • Puts in time for Azerite power and Essences to stay competitive (Required)

  • Goal Oriented Mature, and Respectful individual who is here for results, and not to make friends. (Required-although I hope you do make friends!)

  • Makes efforts outside of the game to know mechanics, strategies, and stay updated on the direction of the raiding scene as a whole(Required)

  • Anything else you can think of that is important and I failed to mention(REQUIRED!!!)

While some of these things above may seem strict, its very important that people understand that this group is going to be very serious. I will explain in more detail in Section III. If you are not sure at this point if you could fit into a group this serious, then please continue reading to the final section where I will hopefully address some of your concerns. The above list is simply a rough outline of the things we are looking for in our members. However, to be a part of the community and a part of the core is two completely separate things. The community will be openly welcoming players who pass a trial period, but will remain exclusive enough that we can maintain a reputation of every member of the community being a mature, skilled, and reliable player as it pertains to our goals.

Section III: The Final Notes

I would like to finish this post by clarifying a few things. There is a lot of information in this post and it is not a formal written document. This final section will quickly outline a more formal explanation of some of the key points I would like any who have read this far to take away from this: What exactly this community will be and a Re-statement of the major goals.

Community Organization

Membership of the community will be on a PER CHARACTER BASIS (not player basis). Players who play on multiple characters will not be acknowledged as members on alternate characters unless they prove themselves on multiple characters. Membership to the community and the Core team is determined through a tryout period. The Community will be organized in the following manner:

  1. Tryouts: Those who share our goals and are interested in becoming a part of the team will be openly invited to become a part of the community. The decision to acknowledge a character as a full-fledged member will come down to how qualified said character is based on the expectations outlined in Section II.

  2. Membership: Members are the group of characters who represent the community. Members are active qualified members who possess the skills necessary to play at a high level. Membership is an exclusive right that must be earned, and as such official members will be able to be relied on for a wide-range of challenging content such as: High Rated Ranked PvP, Heroic or Mythic Raids, and high level Mythic Keystone Dungeons. In other words, Membership is an exclusive right bestowed on people based on skill, experience, and effort to improve. Members will serve as a community of players when forming groups that will be reliable, thus eliminating the need for LFG system to a degree. Members will be held in high esteem, and falling behind could mean removal. The Community’s Reputation will be on the line with every member! Finally, the members of the community will be sought out to replace Core Group members who leave the Core, take time-off, or simply fail to perform at the level necessary for current content.

  3. The Core Group: Members of the core group will be the highest order of the community. This will be 20 members, with a possibility for others to join only under certain circumstances. This will be the team of players pushing into Mythic Raids. While the team’s goal is not necessarily world first, there will be a major emphasis on running Mythic raids well before they become available in the LFG system.

Re-statement of Community Goals

  1. Establish a community of Mature, skilled, and dedicated players that can be relied on to do challenging content using the communities feature.

  2. Efficiently and successfully clear Heroic raids without reliance on the unstable environment of the LFG system and the added bonus of being a part of any guild a member chooses.

  3. Build a Mythic Raiding Team that does not require members to abandon their guilds just to meet their personal goals in the World of Warcraft.

Thank you to all who took the time to read through this lengthy wall of text! Anyone who is interested in being a part of the community I am building, please message me in game, or if unavailable send mail, to Shamownz-Jaedenar. If you would like to help be a part of building the team and share the same goals as myself and the other founding members, all you need to do is spread the word about what we are creating here. The group has already cleared Eternal Palace and achieved AOTC Achievement for this patch with multiple options for both Heroic and normal raids through-out the week. My qualifications for leading this group are that I am an experienced player who has been active since The Burning Crusade who has consistently played at high levels of Rated PvP and raiding throughout my WoW career. I am currently 8/8 N and 8/8 H for Eternal Palace and do not consider 8/8 H to be a challenging goal unless it is obtained exclusively as a pug(WHICH IS HELL BY THE WAY). As a final note, the name of our organization is a complete secret! You will just have to join to find out! lol.

How To Join
Contact Shamownz-Jaedenar in-game directly or through the in-game mail system. Spread the word to others on our servers who may be interested and refer them to this post if they want more information. A more formal statement of our goals is available to members only.

What is the TLDR takeaway point here?

Its a server specific recruitment post for the team I am forming.

The post has now been edited to show we are 8/8 H and have a substantial size group now. Raid times have been updated as well for our targeted times.