Are you still having fun?

Still haven’t played much. Curious to how the game is for those that have been playing since launch. Pvp and pve

This game has been bad since they introduced warmode!


Warmode and LFG killed WoW. Theres barely any social interaction outside of IRL friend groups and guilds are nothing but IRL friend groups as officers and whomever they tolerate to raid/rbg with. the game is nothing like it was at peak. Every aspect of the game is bent around playing solo unless youre in a raid


I’m still having a lot of fun in Dragonflight, best xpac in years.

I agree with the others re: Warmode and sharing ruining community though.


Came back a few months ago. Have enjoyed DF. While I sometimes enjoy the freedom and drama free solo questing, it gets very boring. So boring in fact I find myself going back to Legion and taking in the vibes from the Druid point of view. Something I hadn’t ever done as there are way too many long-eared elf druids still around.

Give us dwarf druids!

You can either roll with it, and take what you’re given, or quit. For me, this is the best expansion in years. Everyone has their own take on anything; do you.

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Yes having a blast

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nah. deleted my og account then came back with a new one cause i thought i would enjoy it again but…no not really

Its dogsh-t. Used to have personality, now it’s just a single-player game.


Everyone currently playing retail is like a crack addict who is aware of their own addiction, knows it’s bad, but continues to do it anyway lol

Still huffing the fumes of nostalgia, just too comfortable with the routine to take a moment to assess the reality of the situation

Flies swarming the carcass of a dead server, etc etc


Always come back, always disappointed. No sense of community :frowning:


Honestly, I’m having a good time. In the past I never went far outside of random PvP encounters and occasional arenas. I like the versatility of the state of the game at the moment. I decided to take on raiding in DF for the first time since I started playing in 2009. I always fizzle out about half way through an expansion but this one has my attention and im genuinely enjoying my time in game. Despite sharding, LFG and WM I have managed to make several new friends. It really does just depend on the person, if you’re forced in to finding your own group and doing your own networking of course you will make friends, without that coercion you will have less of a chance because you wont do it on your own. Enjoy your adventures!

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Right now I’m having a major itch to build a PC. But the only reason I’d build one is to play WoW and City Skylines. But while I want to play WoW…I hate becoming old.