Are you ready for Ulduar? Come check us out!

| Pagle-NA PvE | Alliance | EST Updated 01/10/2023
Community focussed progression raiding | 25m and optional 10m
Progression - 17/17 OS 2D

Recruitment Needs: Raid roster is currently full
open to any casual player looking to hang out

Raid Schedule
25m | Tue/Wed | 8:30p - 11:30p | EST
10m | based on availability

Loot System
Soft Reserve

About Us
We are a group of experienced WoW players (both Vanilla and Classic). We are focussed on efficiently clearing all current content in a fun non-toxic environment. We are not speed runners nor parse chasers. We are a community focussed progression guild that treats WoW as a game and not a sport. We expect our raiders to meet certain minimum standards to ensure that we clear content. But also important are that they meet our expectations for attitude.

We aim to have a guild of competent, mature, and friendly raiders that are able to clear content efficiently while having fun.

Raider Expecations

  • Sufficient food, potions and consumes to last a raid night are required
  • BIS gems and enchants are required on your BIS/Pre-raid BIS gear
  • Knowledge of fights, class, and role is required
    - Ask questions when you do not know
  • Be able to give and receive constructive criticism
  • Positive and friendly attitude

If this is you and are interested in being a part of us, drop by our discord and say hi. We also welcome casual players and weekend only players, especially for various 10m groups.
discord JbWvAW5PJR

still in need of dps ! ^^^^^

where are all the shammys?