Are You Ready For Classic?

Classic World of Warcraft could be as little as 2 months away. Have you thought about it yet? Classic won’t have cross realm stuff. If you start playing classic on a different server then your friends you will have to reroll, or talk them into rerolling to play together. If they have friends on other servers also you will be competing to get them into your server.

The day blizzard announced classic I started a group to gather my friends in, and for them to gather their friends in. I got my friends together, but I faced the possibility that the server we played on would fail into a lower population even after being high population on launch. Everyone knows that alot of the players who are in classic may get board in 3 months as things slow down. Populations are going to drop.

The new goal of this group is to make sure that even with over all players dropping we will still have enough players on the server to come out as the best classic server.

We are have over 450 players right now looking go head to the same server, and we are aiming to get a total of 2000 players. with this many we hope to safeguard the server population.

I have come to stormreaver because this is the server I started playing on way back in classic. Back before Cata Stormreaver was a active PVP server with healthy faction balance. I am hoping to find players who are looking to have healthy pvp again. Their may not be cross realm battlegrounds so making sure your server is going to have a health faction split will keep your pvp queue times low

Anyway, if you are interested in classic WoW join the group. We are aiming for a health faction split.

If facebook is best for you and your friends.

over 600 players now just a little bump

over 750 players now, I still would like to find more of the old blood we had on stormreaver back in the day

over 850 players, just an update