Are you going to ban me for GDKP?

Bergilmer is just coming back…

Every 4th thread was started by him or one of his alts when they announced the GDKP ban for P2.


Actually it is.

Grieving is an individual process, not a freight train.


Blizzard has said time and time again that them fighting against bots is an arms race that neither side truly wins.

Uh, yeah, it’s called fish it up yourself? Hello? I know you’re bad and all but damn, choosing to be lazy and not fish is wild.


No, it wasnt. People cried on this forum for months and Blizz banned GDKP as a result. Then a wave of GDKP supporters posted thousands of comments and…nothing. Despite claims they are listening to and monitoring this topic. It is dishonest and cringe.

You spelt “three guys on a dozen alts” wrong.


and it was a joke, and he’s not grieving, and this is not a psychology accurate forum nor topic

Oh, you mean the people who just sit on the forums trying to incite drama and don’t actually play the game? Yeahhhhhhh… I don’t think anyone’s missing GDKPs.


I think you’re talking about the reason GDKP was banned in the first place.

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There’s never a good reason to spread misinformation about mental health.


What was your relationship like with your father? Would you say that you were close?


Uh, no? Fairly certain I was clear on what I was talking about.

Regardless, I’d be willing to bet dollars to donuts that the supposed “wave of GDKPs supporters who posted thousands of comments” consists mostly of people who sit on the forums instead of actively play the game and given that I’ve yet to see a single person even remotely complain about GDKPs literally anywhere else aside from the WoW forums since the ban went into effect, yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if I wasn’t far off the mark.


Source: I made it up.


Oh, sorry did you have some data to share? I’ll be waiting. Until then you can stop with your smug, bad faith, zero substance post. These are all opinions in this thread.

Except for all the peer-reviewed evidence you’re laying down, of course.


Here’s my data friend.


That doesn’t address the topics being discussed

I’ll never understand why people want to pay $15/mo for a game and then pay more money to chinese farmers so that they can play the game less.


I mean this subject as a whole as been beaten to death but,
Using real money to buy gold, then joining a group and then buying gear with that gold is pay to win. Also according to your own rhetoric, GDKP gives reason for people to carry other people. So its also a carry a lot of the time.

Archeage released their “unchained” version which didn’t have a way to legally buy gold it was still one of the most pay to win game since everything was almost always tradeable. Pay to win doesn’t require gold to be legally bought.

Yes the same thing happens at the AH. But there is a lot higher % of people who spend gold being bought gold in GDKP vs the same type of people on the AH.


Because you don’t understand what GDKP is. For example, I don’t do this.

Well, considering the ban is still in place, I’d say: successful.

Glad I could clear that up for you. No need to keep another pointless thread going. hf gl!