Are Warlocks Succubus being removed?

Just stop. There’s nothing wrong with having sexual content in a video game.


Ok then I think we need to change all the food items in WoW to be healthier.
I’m a diabetic irl and cant eat the a lot of the types of foods presented in wow so they need to be changed or removed.

See the problem here?


No, there isn’t.

The problem isn’t that the content is sexual is nature, the problem is that the content is sexist in nature.

And this what so many folks don’t get and so make these sort of changes necessary.

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Given your apple and oranges comparison, you do not understand why the content is problematic and are another person for whom these changes need to be made.

World of Twittercraft


No you’re making it a problem because you personally have a problem with it.
Not because its an actual problem.


Yes probably

They go to extreme lengths to justify inappropriate content

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False equivalency

So certain depictions of women is wrong but allowing unhinged murder is ok?


I think they should just shut down the forums instead.


No, it’s not.


False equivalency nice try though

It’s “punted”, not “planted”.

It was probably your autocorrect.

With all of the changes being made recently, I’d say there is an extremely good chance that demon gets removed or gets a design change and is renamed.

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No, you plant gnome seeds and get new gnomes. :slight_smile:

Yes, I have a problem with sexism, both personally and culturally.

In today’s society, sexism is considered an actual problem, impacting millions of lives.

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Lemme ask you, why do you pay and support this game with all this inappropriate content in it?


Yep, now you will have to hug people into submission with your carebear


It has, yes. Including the puritanization of the game. Removing this stuff is like saying women need to cover up and can’t wear revealing clothing.

The succubus is willingly in her situation. She’s taking power for herself. The “sexy women are bad” attitude is the opposite of progressive and is now hitting women who are fine with wearing what they want and embracing the career paths they want.

Stripping all skimpy clothing or references to scantily clad women literally hides that demographic like it’s shameful and their fault.

I’m saying this as a female gamer who doesn’t like wearing revealing clothing myself. The solution is to add modestly clad women more and do it to men. Adding an incubus.

We see it with social media and now in this game. Hearthstone already did it. Treating skimpy clothing like it’s the problem and shameful isn’t the solution.