Are troll tusks bone or ivory?

this question also applies to the orcs and their weird teeth/tusks that they have


They’re teeth, so they’re not bone. Human teeth are also not bone and are made of the same material as tusks, there’s just less of it.

If you are wondering if you could, theoretically, harvest human teeth for ivory, then you could, but it would take ages and all you’d have are just tiny bits.


A troll could theoretically use their regenerating tusks for an ivory business.


Tusks are teeth. They have all the same parts as other teeth. They just extend beyond the lips/mouth.

Ivory is a term given teeth (often but not always from elephants) when used as commodity. Kind of like when the animal is alive, we refer to it as Swine, Cattle, with skin and muscle and digestive tract- but when it comes time to slaughter the animal and the parts become product, muscle becomes pork/beef, skin becomes hide/leather, the digestive tract becomes chitterlings/tripe, etc.

Ivory can be made from most any animal’s teetth, but since elephants have such big teeth in the form of their tusks, they’ve been uniquely targeted because you have a lot more teeth to do stuff with.

So Troll and Orcs have teeth tusks, but if you were to remove them and make them into some kind product, they’d become ivory.


tusks don’t regenerate, otherwise you would not see so many trolls with broken tusks.

I think they just regenerate much slower than the rest of their body or something like that

Where is that from?

I mean if they can regenerate arms and other bones than why not tusks, the reason for seeing so many broken ones is probably because long things usually are not as durable as the shorter stuff, so longer ones (like the customization option) probably break off more frequently in fights than shorter ones

They could also choose not to regenerate them, like how Zul’jin chose not to regenerate his arm.

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That Is definitely a possibility. Mind over matter as they say

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Are troll teeth and Tauren horns repurposed into drinking horns? That would be a pretty sweet RP thing.

I suppose if it’s a tusk/horn of an enemy?

Because arms and bones already grow/heal to varying degrees irrespective of having faster or more complete regeneration. Regeneration would basically be an accelerated and more complete rate of growth for tissue that otherwise grows and heals at a normal pace. Tusks are teeth, and unlike bones, once erupted teeth are comprised of largely inert material that stopped growing after its initial growth and doesn’t heal itself like other tissues; that’s why a broken arm eventually heals, but a cracked or shattered tooth is broken forever and has to be artificially mended using sealants and replacements materials.


If we have centaur skin rugs, I dont see why not.

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Why do you think they are regenerating?
There is now a broken tusk option and Zul’jin lacked his tusks in WoW.

Perhaps they are. Perhaps they aren’t. Regeneration is weird in WoW.

It’s possible that there is an exception for tusks. But, we do know that Trolls can control their regeneration, to some extent. For example, Vol’jin never fully healed his throat and lungs in Shadows of the Horde.

That’s true, some Trolls chose to not regenerate something, mostly as a reminder (and for motivation).
Vol’jins lungs though? I thought those regenerated, can’t remember that. Yes, he decided to keep the scar on his neck.

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Vol’jin chose not to heal his voice/throat as a reminder of what happened to him.

Ivory, as it’s been established teeth aren’t bone, and this is true… it’s why teeth DON’T heal or mend… they are inorganic in composition, not living tissue. Which is good cause technically your teeth are MUCH more resistant to usual wear and tear than bones ironically enough. The enamel outer surface specifically. The trade off for this durability however, as established, is no regeneration/repair.