Are they going to make a real big dragon body type?

Like the ones we see all the Dracanids or however you spell that using.

I just want to see a big buff dragon. I mean they will eventually be other races so why not make the body types now in prep for the future expansion.

Blood elfs didn’t have warriors at the start but they got them real quick.

the vocal minority keeps saying no

but we all know the majority wants buffer dracthyr

I want my dracthyr to be at minimum pillar man tier of muscles. If it doesn’t look like i could grind meat on their glistening abs whats even the point? Anything less is a tiny manlet that doesn’t represent any realistic body type at all.


Heck half of that vocal minority is the vocal majority for 100% visage uptime and never being a dragonkin at all.

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humans on horde lol

I just wish we had gotten a different race/class. Hopefully I will never see another one this ugly - it’ll be bad enough seeing a bunch in the beginning. God, and people hated the DH’s. Well, between the “gliding” flying and the dragons the playing feel got leveled. Hopefully this will silence most of the DH haters.

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nah, still nerf DHs

of course and my bmhunter while you’re at it

No they’re already really big apparently taller then Worgen and also have wings like if they were any bigger people would 100% complain about them taking up too much of the screen and making it hard to see smaller races.

Oh and also they’d probably have too rig up a new skeleton and add all the Dracthyr character customisations to it

Yeah people don’t realize that in comparison to other races they’re actually gigantic.

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It would be cool if they did, but I wouldn’t put any money on it.

Just watching a vid that showed that a human female came up to bottom of their ribcage. So they are quite tall.

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I’m content with the current body types for the Evoker class (I think having a jacked guy slinging spells would be kind of silly). But I would want at least a somewhat buffer guy for when Dracthyr warriors roll around.

I think this would be a pleasing solution all around.

i want them wide and truly thick Pure dragon muscle.