Are there any raiding guilds left?

I haven’t had a raiding guild on Bloodhoof since WoD when Subtera was active and raiding. Are there any left? Right now I am having to raid with an off server guild because I couldn’t find any guilds here to raid with. Are there any left? How you doing progression wise?

I’m looking also I just moved to this server with a friend. the lack of guilds looking for people or I’m just on at the wrong time

Not sure why anyone would COME here. Only reason I don’t leave is my main always been here,and I have 16 toons tied to Bloodhoof. Too expensive to move. xD

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I am not sure how often you’re looking to raid. But we are a small casual guild that gets together on Sunday nights from 8-11pm eastern. We just did our first normal last night and got 5 of 8 down. Almost got Sennarth (13%) but ran out of time. Feel free to shoot anyone in Brew Crew a message for an invite =)

I can’t raid until after 9pm EST. Thanks for invite though

I just joined Dragons Rival. We are 7/8 N and got Rasz down to 50 percent on Saturday. I’m not geared enough yet to speak on Heroic progress. we definitely have Eranog down.

on raiderIO/guilds/us/duskwood/Dragons%20Rival