Are the Community Managers here to stay?

They get criticized if they hide or they don’t.

Awhile back when one of the blues back in MoP, he posted a happy reply towards someones thread, was about that big thread “The Sha of Happiness”

Not moments later did he get countless people saying “so this is what blues do, talk in fun threads but not addressing MoP issues!” Followed by many more.

Now it’s at a point where people are like “Where are the blues at :cry:

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Lawnmower Races and Come As You Are parties are a better idea.

Put yourself in their shoes. If someone actually crosses a line you have the power to either personally yoke an MF up and chuck em in the ‘time out pile’ - or shoot a moderator an email and get them to do so, however that works. Would you really, really care what anyone on these boards says? Would it really chase you away, never to post again?

If it would, you probably have growing up to do. Let the thin skinned mod lie die already. I think it’s more likely someone higher up has the bright idea that the best way to manage a community is to read but not respond. Personally I don’t think that’s so bright because you end up with a community that feels shunned and ignored.

But I doubt the predictable GD responses (I literally clicked the thread containing a blue post just to see if someone posted the 'GD hurt the model’s feelings lie…look at that) bother them as much as the pity party would have us believe.

I’m not offended, I’m just clarifying that my role (these days) isn’t regular engagement. I’ve been focused for quite a while on front page content (writing, scheduling, formatting etc. on a global scale) for the site. I’ve been here since pre-Burning Crusade and am coming up on 14 years here. Not seeing me just means I’m focused on getting my work done.


Congratulations on nearly 14 years! This’ll be my 12th year playing so you definitely have me beat.

Pardon me if I’m stepping over a line, but would you be able to tell us if we can expect or hope for more Blue engagement on the forums? They have felt pretty barren for a while now. Not to say you haven’t done great work with the front page and your duties! But it has been a little off putting to see such little interaction.

We engage where we can. I can’t promise more than that and the rate of engagement (how much is enough or too little) is subjective.

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i wish you guys could engage with us about the stuff that actually affects and upsets a lot of players instead of just fluff feel-good filler.

i mean, every place on the net needs a touch of positivity from time to time, but so many topics that we get vocal about are just ignored. account wide essences, pathfinder, not to mention lore and story writing issues. i’m race changing my DK to void elf after 8.3 because i feel like my night elf has been betrayed by the writing team. so much potential for story there, only to be written off as a plot foil and obviously set up for tyrande to be a villain screwing over everybody else in the next expansion by chasing her vengeance at the most innopportune time for us to stop whatever the threat is in the shadowlands. it’s so predictable i feel like i’ve already played it.

I agree with this wholeheartedly.


it feels like the main point just got avoided there…

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Is there anyone left whose job is regular engagement?

or proven, lol. i didn’t mean it as a dig on the forum blues though. they do a job and i’m sure there’s some topics they simply aren’t allowed to discuss.

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The answer is to share more pet pictures.

they should be glad i cannot post pics. i have a collection of floofs, meows, and other various things in a folder designated “Adorabru” that i like to drop in various forums and discords when i’m bored…

OMG! The kobolds took Neth’s candle avatar! :candle:

Stoopid kobolds! Give it back or we’ll come and take it back along with all your other candles!

/moo :cow:

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When is master looter coming back?

I know. They stole candle and now I’m sad. :cry:

The benefit of the change we’re going through though is that the community will be able to engage on our news articles and each other better. It also means that if we (those of us working on those articles) engage or answer a question, it will be seen versus buried in the comments. I’m sure those who used to comment on the front page articles can attest to the difficulty in following conversations there.


Can you give comments on account bound essences? Is it something in consideration? Or any kind of method to make essences alt friendly?

Never too many floofs, meows, or other various animals!

I can post but I think that would distract from the current topic.

I for one, would rather have actual developers come in the forums and discuss items and design features that are broken or unfun. CS reps are just feeding what they have been told in my experience. Hearing it from someone official is more valuable too me.


We’re not CS reps, and we work directly with the developers to provide answers. We won’t always have the answers to share (or that you want to hear) for myriad reasons. If we’re giving a specific answer, it’s because we’ve spoken with them to get those answers to share. We aren’t input/output robots, though. What you see from us is the tip of the iceberg of what we do. :cold_face:

Keep in mind, our CS reps are incredible people and do a lot of hard work behind the scenes with a lot of 1 on 1 interactions that I know many appreciate.