Are RP hotspots a thing on your server?

After reminiscing with a friend about the good ol days where every inn on SMC and SW were always full of random Rpers, been searching the servers in classic to know if public RP is still a thing.

Please if anyone know of any hotspots Horde or Alliance side LET THEM BE KNOWN

Alliance RP discord. There are events happening nearly every night!


Also if you see a Gaurd patrolling we are always down to RP

I haunt the Gallow’s End tavern in Brill from time to time, but it isn’t always easy to witness a ghost

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Deeprun tram, Goldshire Inn are two hotspots.

The Tram more of a horde hotspot at least last night it was. Begged people for a good 45 minute to help me get them out of there.