Are people RPing in Timerunning?

If so, where are the RP hubs at right now? Roleplaying the timerunning thing as if it’s a canon event sounds like a lot of fun to me.

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i dont think so?

i just see it as a way to quickly learn some new classes and get them to 70. I even flagged up for some wpvp, but everyones just leveling

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Flagging up for WPvP. Now that sounds like something I haven’t done in way too long. I really haven’t seen many players in warmode around WrA. I know it’s not in WrA’s wheelhouse and that along with the decent open world RP experiences I’ve had are part of the reason I find WrA so relaxing and, well, fun. Cheers.

My guild is RPing through this. We have several folks that have their own storylines as to how or why they are there through this whole thing. We have a casual lowkey event to bring in new characters and introduce everyone on Sunday evening. It involves Tea. We are doing this regularly to introduce new characters from this (cause we know we all are planning to level lots, right).

We are weighing on the idea of calling the reoccurring social mixer intro event thingie.

Working title: “Tea Time” or maybe “Time for Tea”. Not quite sure.

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I’ve seen active TRP profiles - actually filled out stuff, not just the default when you make a new character.

I haven’t seen a community dedicated to Remix roleplay (unfortunately), though I know some guilds are running storylines through it. I even posted a forum thread specifically looking for Remix RP and got a lot of posts about…everything but that >_>

I saw a couple of vulpera chatting it up in one of the inns before I logged off tonight, and I’ve seen a few TRP profiles here and there.

I would love to RP the event, though! I set up a guild called for the remix. It’s mostly meant to be a social thing, but I would be super pleased if we could encourage some timerunning roleplay!

I’m only recently rejoining the playerbase myself, back at the beginning of April. I played from Wrath through the early parts of Legion before life pulled me away for a time. I’ve had a ton of fun getting back into the game, and I’m really looking forward to meeting people to share the good times with!

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When/where is that event (if you’ll have me)?

I’m not 100% sure I’d be able to go, but you seem to be the only person who actually has something going lol

I’ve got full rp profiles for my two toons, and a story worked out for the Alliance toon. A bit of a timey wimey adventure, querying what may have happened if Sarestha here survived Lordaeron’s fall and ended up at Theramore


I’m going hard on one toon. Goblin warlock that was a mage posing as a gourmet chef before time travel hijinks. Now has to learn how to cook because he can’t conjure food… with the help of his new kitchen staff: demons. Kirsy’s thread inspired this and I’m loving it.

It’s mostly just playing IC and enjoying it, though. And spamming emotes to people from WrA and MG in dungeons and raids with no response :frowning:


My timerunning character is too connected to a canon character in my head for RP. But this is MY fanfiction and no one can tell me no.

Hi there! I’ve been back a few months now. Playing several times a week getting used to the game again. I just rerolled this character for MoP-Remix and am having a blast revisiting Pandaria this way. Your guild idea sounds cool. Let me know when you’re ready to recruit.


it me that my vulpera hello c:
I play a fox that wears a nightbane worgen’s skull on his head! The worgen had the audacity to say he’d devour Hareo whole. Met him halfway- didn’t want to make a total liar out of him.


I’ve already been recruiting whenever I’m on. People have been queueing dungeons and scenarios and the like together a fair bit, and everyone’s super friendly.
If you’d like an invite, feel free to send me a whisper in-game sometime! :smiley:

So far, I still haven’t done any roleplaying myself, but I’ve been tossing around the idea on the WCP discord of hosting a (possibly weekly?) gathering on Thursday(s) for remix roleplayers to get together and meet each other, if nothing else.
Admittedly, the reason I am looking at Thursdays is because I think it would be cute to have the timerunning roleplay meet-ups be called ‘Throwback Thursdays.’ XD

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This is her! Unravelled. A pun of Sarestha’s surname, Ravelle xD

Kinda fun playing the same character but on the opposite team.

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I don’t see enough of this kind of sentiment among Vulpera. Good on you.

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I confess. I don’t really see the difference between worgen and vulpera. They both freak me out. I would have to say that seeing a vulpera wearing a worgen head would kickstart my “boot to the head” fight response. There is no flight in that instance.

What a tortured existence- a dwarf freaked out by short fox people with fluffy tails…
But hey, there’s one difference between them. One has a tail and the other doesn’t.

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One dwarf’s tortured existence is another short fox person’s folly.

((Gah! I cannot stop the ear worm eating at my brain that is Jimi Hendrix singing “Foxy Lady”))

Folly? I don’t know if knocking the helmet off the head of a Death Knight is their folly.

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Death Knights are adventurers too. Besides, it’s not like they had a choice in whether or not they became Death Knights. Which brings me around to how one could apply the saying “all life is precious” to include Death Knights?