Are names in Classic across all servers?


I have tried creating a few different chars/classes across a few different servers, these are not common names by any means. But I keep getting the “name not available”. Can you only have 1 name across all servers or have I just been incredibly unlucky?


Incredibly unlucky I’d say. Names are server specific.


you can thank BFA plebs who didn’t make it past level 10, but stole your name

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I tried to get a bunch of names on my guild’s choice of server during name reservations, but I failed to get any. All were taken.

But Blizz opened those extra servers early on launch day, and I got a bunch of the names I failed to get earlier on my guild’s server.

/moo :cow:


Thex was taken on every server I tried.


“Unavailable” can mean it’s taken, but it can also mean it’s on the restricted list.


Naruto is just taken on every realm.


This is a list of names you can’t use:

For example:
\bcesario\b means you can’t have Acesariol
\bking means you can’t have Joking