Arctic Fox Kit

I’ve been trying to capture an Arctic Fox Kit. I have a few alts on various servers parked at K3, Storm Peaks. I’ve been logging in periodically to check if it was snowing. Twice in the last week, it was indeed snowing. However, there were no Arctic Fox Kits to be found anywhere in the zone. I tried killing and/or battling other pets in the zone, but still no Arctic Fox Kits. Is there something I’m missing?

Sometimes it’s snowing but it’s not actually snowing. I can’t recall if it happened before sharding, but it definitely happens now because of it. I think the Kaldorei Wind Chimes somehow lets you know if the weather is real, or not, but I don’t know how since I don’t have the toy. xD


The Kaldorei Wind Chimes are supposed to play a different sound based on the weather in that area.

  • FX_ChimeElemental_Snow
  • FX_ChimeElemental_Sun
  • FX_ChimeElemental_Rain

Click link below to be able to hear the above listed FX sounds.

Just tested on an alt in Gilneas where it was raining. I did hear a different sound and the chat also mentioned rain.

Also, just got the snow sound and chat alert on an alt in her Garrison.


Thank you! I have the wind chimes toy, so I’ll try that.


Best of luck! :crossed_fingers:


I had the same issue when I was trying to catch it

Many times I would fly over the zone and it would be snowing, but when I landed it wasn’t. Very frustrating.

Weather pets are like that. I got the one in Tanaris by accident. The ones at Storm Peaks and Jaguero Island were a different story

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The Silithid Hatchling was odd. Every online post/comment about it stated that the sandstorm would be super obvious. Except it wasn’t. (Granted, that may be an in-game settings issue on my part.) The weather on the day I caught the Silithid Hatchling didn’t appear much different from any other. I just happened to be flying over the zone and saw the paw print.