Archaic - [A]Khadgar, Looking for partner guild or new members

Hi All,

Archaic is looking to raid in DragonFlight, we are a casual raiding guild that enjoys having a good time and completing content. We generally raid Tues and Thurs with an Alt raid on Sundays whenever possible. Raid times are typically from 9pm EST to 11:30pm EST.

We are open to partnering with another guild and raiding regularly with one another. In the past we partnered with Conquest for 3+ years and eventually both merged. Archaic is compromised of veteran players that have played WoW since release so we are very laid back and enjoy the social aspect of the game.

Typically we raid normal and heroic with having the goal of completing AOTC.

You can message Draaven, Dragonzbane, or myself ingame by mail or whisper if we are on.

Thanks for your time!