Arcane should have a unique defensive

Right now, Arcane doesn’t have much to make it stand out from the other two specs, particularly in regards to utilities that are granted to the spec automatically.

  • Fire has Cauterize, a passive get-out-of-jail-free card that lets you escape dangerous situations with a powerful burst of speed.
  • Frost has Cold Snap, which allows you to use the best defensive in the game more often, rendering Frost particularly tanky.
  • Arcane has nothing, unless you count Presence of Mind which is purely offensive and personally a little awkward to use.

Arcane used to have Greater Invisibility as such an exclusive, but since it was moved to the class tree in Dragonflight, there has been no substitute.

My thoughts: perhaps we could see the return of Mana Shield in some form, which would provide a unique defensive kit while maintaining the “glass cannon” archetype that Arcane is seemingly meant to fulfill.

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Maybe if your Mirror Images are out when you die, you take over one of their bodies (or something) - might as well do something interesting with the spell.

Much as I love accidentally pulling stuff for a 20% DR that doesn’t make any thematic sense.

I hadnt really thought about it since im content with prismatic barrier, mass barrier, alter time, icey cold and mirror images.

You do make a good point that fire and frost get a little extra.

I personally would love to see them expand on alter time. It could be something lazy like being arcane reduces its cooldown by half. Or it could be something more interesting. Like after you snap back the old timeline you stays whete you were and is now a mirror image (reducing damage taken by 20%)

How about a self rez.

Flavor text could read
“when you die, return to a time when you were alive”

Prismatic Barrier. (the other two shields don’t do anything in PvE, they may state they have secondary effects but in reality they add zero to Fire and Frost)

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A mana armor would be nice. like mana shield used to be but a passive version of it