Arcane pylon leylocked chest broken

Something is wrong with your quest, since it never has a pop that explains the basic mechanics or what the even desired goal is. Ther’es buttons you press that lower its HP or something, and if you do nothing, its HP is lowered too. This quest is currently uncompletable in its current form.

Mini-Game Mechanics

You control the pylon, which can shoot a beam in one of three directions.
Balls spawn from those three directions, you need to shoot them.
Shoot too early, you lose a little pylon energy.
Shoot too late you lose a lot of pylon energy.
If your pylon runs out of energy, you fail.
There is a glowing circle of energy surrounding your pylon about mid-way.
Shoot the beam when the balls are over the glowing cycle.
Repeat until you win.

yeah no hcange in timing is cuasing it to register. I’m aware the ability text says it takes damage if there’s no target, but thats not working.