Arcane Battery Needs to Become a Talent!

So I didn’t play on the PTR at all this time around because I was too busy romancing Astarion— I mean playing BG3 and I didn’t realize how good the new Arcane 4 piece set was.

Not only does it seamlessly integrate into the rotation but it just looks so epic firing off all of those waves of AMs! It needs to become a permanent talent for Arcane, preferably replacing Arcane Harmony. Basically the same treatment Destro locks got for their tier set at the end of SL with Ritual of Ruin and Avatar of Destruction becoming talents in DF.


I literally just posted something in the rework thread about it.

My God this is such an amazing tier set. Not only did my DPS skyrocket but my enjoyment of the spec was taken to another level.

If it has proper support in the next expansion with easier access to Harmony and Orb Barrage on AOE it could possibly be the closest we can get to a perfect AOE gameplay loop.


how much of a dps increase? i just got my 4p today cant wait to try it out

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Pretty massive.

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Well I had the choice between getting 4 pc from the vault today or bis trinket; I chose the latter. Ideally if I can get tier this week from something I should be able to see how it works. It’s either feast or famine with the vault: this week I had 6 choices, all of which would have been good.

I feel you. The inside of my vault this week looked like an ogre had broken in, stolen all the loot and taken a dump inside. Fortunately, I had 2 items that were eligible for conversion into set pieces via the catalyst to complete my set. This was preceded by getting absolutely no loot from the raid on week one and another crappy vault.

But you did good, getting a BiS trinket or weapon from the vault is usually better than a set piece.


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This has been me for pretty much the last 3 months. Well, not Astarion, but Karlach, Laezel, Shart, Minthara… Where’s the fun in murdering innocent devil children if you can’t get some nookie after?

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I made a separate save where I let him kill 7,000 people just to get the steamier romance scene after. He’s still good on the sacred timeline but now I’ve created that other branch and I don’t know how I feel about that. :weary::rofl:

Replace [Arcane Harmony] with it :+1:

On another note, I also miss the t30 Fire tier set and feel like that also deserves being a talent.

Has anyone had their tier set bugged? I would use a clear casting proc, but it sometimes does not generate a battery charge.

I’ve been able to replicate the bug a few times, especially on the PvP dummy. It seems it is most common when you use a clearcasting procs and another one procs and you fire off the next volley right away.

It is annoying. Driving me crazy. Maybe it is just me.

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Not at all. I think the 4pc has hilariously fun synergy with Harmony in fact.

Harmony just needs to stack more efficiently with CC only AMs and we need to replace some terrible t3 nodes with some fun ones, starting with this.

I haven’t had it happen and I have a WA that tracks it so I would have definitely noticed. You know that you have to consume 3 charges of CC for it to proc, right? So not just proc 3 CCs but actually use them too and only after the 3rd one is consumed then you get the Battery proc. You also really shouldn’t use the Battery proc without getting another CC proc first so both buffs stack. It counts it towards the next 3 CCs even if you have a Battery buff active.

This is only true for the first time in a fight. After that the Arcane Battery’d CC AM counts as the 1st CC AM use.

That’s what I meant to say with the last part, I guess it wasn’t clear. :joy:

Maybe if they changed how it stacked because it turns our rotation into such a terrible thing to manage I don’t want to deal with that ever again.

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My suggestion is your going to want a Weak aura to track it, as its pretty easy to waste it if your not looking.

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I am looking forward to 4-piece if I can ever get another piece to drop…might be waiting till next week, but I am gonna need some help I think making it work well.

Has everyone with 4-piece gone to a Harmony build? That was big gripe on the PTR, is I couldn’t get in the groove for Harmony playstyle, it just sort of grated against what I liked. I also had to drop Orb Barrage in order to get the talents in the right place, which makes me rather not play at all. So I’m a little stuck.

Right now, I am way over geared for the content I’m running, but definitely not keeping up in dmg with those on par with me, I’m way behind. I figure I’ll need to adjust when I get the 4 piece finally, maybe I’ll come to like Harmony again…but probably not.

I’m running Harmony and Orb Barrage and I’m dishing competitive damage in +18 and above keys for my ilvl, and I still have terrible trinkets and it’s only my 2nd week doing high octane content since early Shadowlands.

Gameplay loop is simple. You do a standard AoE rotation but use CC AM on smaller packs and CC AE on big pulls. Treat Harmony completely passively on AoE, with one exception of trying to Arcane Barrage just before Arcane Battery CC AM if you have stacks already and always after it as you’ll max it to 20 instantly.

On ST you ignore Harmony for the most part except if you have double Orb up or Touch. Treat it passively. A lot of bosses have adds though so you can still use the stacks easily.

Harmony is pretty passive really with only a few cases where you actively play around them. You also never really hardcast AM unless a mob is about to die and you have a big pack coming or something. Non-CC AM also has a high CC proc rate so it helps to farm 1 just before a big pack.

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No, its not really meta changing, You need to give up to much to get the harmony build and even then it takes to long to ramp up. This season has tons of pulls that are 10+ that don’t have tons of life. Prodigious Savant/Orb is to powerful to give up for M+ as Mastery levels are at an all time high for the season.

It does look cool. The only change i made is for raid, i have been taking Cascading power, as i believe the one point investment to be worth the QOL on the playstyle.

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