Aqueous reliquary drop from normal and heroic or only one lockout per week?

Can someone please confirm if the aqueous reliquary items drop from normal and heroic if you run both within the same week?


Yes, but you don’t have to do both to maximize your drops.

  • If you kill Azshara on Normal, you should get some of the drops (x).

  • If you then kill Azshara on Heroic in the same lockout, you should get some more of the drops (y).

  • If you skip Normal and go straight to Heroic, you should get the total number of drops (x+y).

Killing Azshara on Heroic, then killing Azshara on Normal will result in no drops of those items on the second kill.

Having said that, we had a data error calculating Aqueous Reliquaries this week, and when we fix it, more will drop. To avoid impacting players who have already killed the bosses, we’re fixing it at the beginning of next week. Starting with next week’s raid reset, the amounts will be corrected.


You couldn’t just send them in the mail?


Huh, I could be mistaken but is this a brand new way of handling shared drops between multiple difficulties?

Thinking back to Corrupted Essence from Legion or Abrogator Stones in WoD, drops similar to Aqueous Reliquaries, they were just a once-per-boss, once-per-lockout event.

How are players to know in future releases if a drop is being treated as

  • Aqueous Reliquaries - combined total for the week
  • AP - Just once regardless of difficulty
  • Sanguicell - drops different amounts on different difficulties and can be farmed on lower difficulties for a greater weekly total
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Unless it was bugged earlier this week that sounds incorrect.

I killed radiance of Azshara on heroic tuesday and got 7, then killed radiance of Azshara on wednesday and received 2.

Making sure I understand correctly (using hypothetical numbers).

Let’s assume killing Azshara (for example) drops the following reliquary amounts in the respective difficulties (i.e. completely independent of each other):

  • 3 reliquaries in Normal
  • 5 reliquaries in Heroic
  • 7 reliquaries in Mythic

If a Heroic raiding guild kills Heroic mode Azshara first during the week, they will get 8 reliquaries–5 for heroic, and 3 for normal. However, if a guild decides to kill Normal Azshara first and then kill Heroic Azshara later in the same week, they will get 3 drops from the Normal kill, and 5 drops from the Heroic kill–for the same total of 8 reliquaries from Aszhara.

Now, using a Mythic raiding guild as an example, if they kill Mythic Azshara first during the week, they get 15 reliquaries from the one kill–7 for Mythic, 5 for Heroic, and 3 for Normal. If they kill Heroic Azshara first, then Mythic Azshara later in the week, they would get 8 reliquaries from the Heroic kill (i.e. 5 for Heroic and 3 Normal like the example above), and 7 reliquaries for the Mythic kill later in the week, for a grand total of 15 requilaries–the same total as if they had only killed Mythic Azshara this week.

This means that guilds only need to clear each of the reliquary bosses (Radiance, Court, and Azshara) once per week on the highest difficulty they can possibly manage for each respective boss in order to maximize the number of essences they get per week.

Is this all correct?

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Has this been fixed? I got the exact same amount on heroic this week as i did last week.

Same here!