AQ War Effort Autocomplete

We have monitored turn ins on Arcanite Reaper since there are so few players (Less than 100 unique people on horde, not counting alts/second accounts) and we are not seeing any form of Auto-complete in effect for AQ War Effort materials.


Save us! We just want to do AQ.

Same here on Thalnos server

As the GM of the House one of the only active raids on Arcanite Reaper I sincerely ask that Blizzard doesn’t forget us and fixes this bug. We really just want to get in the gates and are patient folk, just hopefully we can correct this situation.

Agreed. First time ever posting on the forums here. Dont really know how to get my Classic Character! But Joker Here from The Droogies.

This Gates and server thing is pretty depressing. Did Blizz Forget to turn on the Auto Completion? Can we get any type of movement. We are seeing down to maybe 2 BWL Clearing Guilds on Alliance, and very little Auction House. Or anything. Can we get a Blue post about this?

When is the Completion going to start, how fast is it going to do, and is there any movement on trying to combine low pop servers. Many of my guild doesnt believe Blizzard Cares. I grew up on playing games like Diablo, Starcraft, and Vanilla, through Cata. I really hope this is the same company as i remember. Please do something. Or personally you may be looking at quite a few Unsubscribes.

Joker !

Gates will open when naxx is released

I’ve sent in multiple tickets and still met with GMs that refuse to actually understand the problem and reply with typo-laden inaccurate responses based entirely off of the post saying that autocompletes will start 30 days after phase 5. Well phase 5 is here, where are the auto hand-ins? No mats have gone up at all…

Bumping. Weekly server reset did not seem to increase our AQ mats count. Autocomplete is not working on Arcanite Reaper.

Blizzard, you highly recommended we transfer to the new servers after Classic released to lower the population of the mega servers with Free Character Transfers. Now you leave the people that helped you out high and dry as you open up transfers back to the mega servers.

Since you had a blue post confirming that Autocomplete was a function of the war effort and so far we have not seen any this is a bug and needs to be addressed.


But at least youre not on the streamer sever thats all that matters right?

What does not being on a streamer server have to do with Blizz neglecting low pop servers and giving us the silent treatment?

It’s really frustating when you have 4 different answers from Blizzard. We got:

  1. The war effort supplies will start after day 28th, going little amounts of 1-3%;
  2. The war effort supplies will start after the weekly reset;
  3. The war effort supplies are going on already, but you can’t see. It’s ‘invisible’ to players, but it will unlock you to deliver the percentage per day (?);
  4. The war effort ‘WE THINK’ it’s not going on yet, put your opinion on forums of what we should do (???)

And that’s it. No public answers on forums, no direct answer… just an ignore.


This needs to be addressed. We’re not dumb. We can clearly see NOTHING is happening. No resources are being turned in, not even moving a fraction of a percentage.

Huge thank you to WowHead for helping gain attention for this issue.