April's Trading Post: No news?

I’ll tell you what is turning into a April fools joke before April 1st…is the dang drop rate of the Inert Phoenix Ash you need for the new Battle Pet that the info came out yesterday…its the worst drop rate I have seen for any object now.

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Leftover Elemental Slime. That is all I gotta say.

Frustrating doesn’t even describe it lol

Yeah but as its current exp stuff there are farm teams up all the time to get if faster then doing it yourself…the only thing holding you back is if you don’t have a SSD drive on your computer for fast screen loadings…

Hot off the press


Sadly, not the gun turtle. Purple dragon instead and the monthly reward is weapon xmog.

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Finally. The perfect pink mount for my mage’s pink mog.

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Next months stuff looks great, I’ll be grabbing quite a bit this time around.

I’m getting excited about dressing up my girl here, playing virtual Barbie doll lol, rolling Belf changes you I swear, I was all rawr, kill Alliance etc when I 1st started back in the day, now I just want to hug Ally and look pretty, who knew?



Welp there is a mount and pet for me…the rest …nah…the monthly reward not really any use for it but that is okay.

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What a nice selection! Love the serpent mount :heart: :fox_face:

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Hmm. The blades of Elune was a name next to the Warden set and Warden mount, perhaps the Warden set is coming really soon? :thinking:

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THANK YOU, Nethaera!

In the photo for that weapon, what’s the armor set? For a second I thought they were teasing us with NE heritage armor lol

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It’s the leather Darkshore Warfront armor set.


Well, I now have something to grind outside of old raids. Didn’t know that set existed. Thanks.

People being helpful in GD? World is ending LOL

It’s not pink, it’s light red.


:confused: now I feel old

Crimson Nexus Crescent… is a combat cross? Castlevania, I may be overthinking it.