*APRIL FOOLS!*Really blizzard?! Thanks for ruining wow

Um, maybe his really young and not familiar with this stuff? :man_shrugging:t2:

I totally missed that until you pointed it out. That makes it even better.


I really want the feral one to be real. Please.

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You guys are so blind to the truth blizzard is definitely serious I mean I see pandas everywhere

This OP is precious. It’s why I still love reading GD.

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You’d have to be really young, like, too young to be on the internet, not to notice things like:

Which is a meme that’s been making the rounds just within the past couple of months.


And it’s not like they’re being entirely subtle with the sarcasm mode in the “patch notes”…

This thread has ruined me. I don’t know what is real anymore.


Its ok blizzard just ruined wow with this leaked patch notes


Blizzard should probably fill that out because they lost a sub

As a warlock I want my souls back!!!

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I want the game before these patch notes back but guess what it’s not going to happen now everyone will be forced to use findir to play competitively

I get it now… you are role playing as a turnip.

You must be dehydrated. gets watering can

sprinkles water on the little fella

There you go little buddy!


“Shell Game” can now be attempted on Mythic difficulty, featuring a 64x64 grid.

I want this … so much…

Love the joke patch notes… not sure about the cheese kitty though, never liked those vids so don’t see it as amusing. Still, we need a war between demon hunters and warlocks over souls… :slight_smile:

I think this OP should work for blizzard for April Fools. almost everyone in this eating out of his hand for trolling.


Make sure to post your height and hobbies on your Findr everyone. Bonus points if you upload a selfie of you on holiday.

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Including under the bed!


RNG’s rep can’t get any worse.

Dude giving me a bad rep…


In the event you’re not lying and were living under a rock,April fools day is a day where people pull pranks/practical jokes or in this case,over the top patch notes which they’ve done since April 1st for years. Never understood why people fly off the handle so easily. [Apart of me thinks you’re lying and are just trying to push a “regress WoW to the past,present sucks” narrative]

They need to stop being lazy and get their own soul shards.

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