April Fools isn't that funny any more

Yeah, when the April Fool’s is stuff you’d LIKE:

Such as being able to do dungeons with AI counterparts, at least the ones required to unlock Kul’tiran’s/get flying,

it ceases to be funny.

Then it is just more like, A SLAP IN THE FACE!

Like druids wearing nothing?

Best joke would have been “We’ve decided to listen to player feedback and make the game good again”. Their sense of humor isn’t what it used to be.


I think the most glaring evidence of the blizz-player disconnect is how the players have “matured” and the game hasn’t. Maybe this is why they don’t take feedback seriously? The game isn’t intended for the audience that has followed it since WC, but the age group that originally became interested in it.

I agree.

It’s actually quite interesting how “meh” this years jokes(?) were. I was wondering how close they were going to fly to the sun, what with the ongoing community outrage and such.

Were there going to be any jokes about phones or portals etc…

No. Turned out the answer was no.

They played it as bland and banal as possible and it was probably the right call to make. People like us groan and move on, and those with less… discerning taste think it’s great.

Well played Activision.

That or the people that usually make the jokes were fired earlier in the year.



Why would i be excited for classic, L o L

“we’re actually improving our communication”
Oh the April hijinx!

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Square-Enix typically has a good bit of fun with this “holiday”. This year’s video related to FF XIV was actually pretty funny.


I have to admit Blizzard put no effort into it this year, I was sad to see it being just a forum post…

I remember in previous years they would have interactive minigames on the website, things that happend in game or on the armory, my favorite was during Wrath of the Lich King we all got turned into Tuskarr.

I still have the screenshot from 9 years ago!
(stupid forums won’t let me post the link, just remove the space)

http s://imgur.com/iFpGfnH

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http s://pbs.twimg.com/media/D3FUWmQU4AEaHqI.png:large


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Yeah, when they put stuff that would make the game BETTER in the April Fool’s:

Not that funny.

I’d LIKE if AI bots would go with me in dungeons, no one would complain or vote kick me (well, I HOPE not, or it would defeat the purpose of them being AI.)

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The one by Nvidia was also really funny.

I was actually kinda excited about it… too bad it is just a joke lol.

Man, that is fantastic.

I thought Borderlands 3 becoming an Epic Game store exclusive was an april fools joke.

Then the creator posted a long 3 part tweet about how he has no control of publishers, now i’m depressed. I hate this holiday.

So what you are saying is that Demon Hunters are going to be stealing everyone’s spells eventually :thinking:

It never helps that most of the April fools stuff comes half a day or more late. I not sure i ever really found any of it funny.
Just a confusing thing that i think i am over before i have even finished most of the jokes.

It came out at like 1-2am PST and the company is based in California, so PST. That’s pretty early.

Though, honestly, if they released the April Fools a few days early I wouldn’t mind.

My day is mostly over by then :stuck_out_tongue: It needs to be good, really good to get me to care by that point.

I think April fools would be funnier if it was for the whole month rather than just 1 day, people expect to get fooled on the first so it takes the fun out of it.

but my favorite one to play is the one that never happens i have watched buddies lose their mind expecting something to happen that never will happen lol

I would love to a Mythic mode of Shell Game actually