April 7 Hotfixes!

PvP is saved!


Has it really been a major problem to level from 50 to 60? Or is this in response to FF version of torghast providing a leveling option?

Lol what a joke


of course, I just got my guy to 60 a few days ago. I guess I need to level another toon just to take advantage of this.

It seems that not only their fixes and releases are late but even their April 1st jokes are late…


thank god, were saved…

of all the things to hotfix this was the one that actually made it. this. can you imagine how out of touch with your player base you would have to be to see this as nothing more than offensive at this point?

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i mean your acting like RNG is causing certain specs to 100 - 0 people in a global, or that there’s a bug that’s been around for years with mind control. Or that some classes are underperforming or something.

I mean this was the fix that needed to happen and really makes me feel like the game is turning in the right direction. I can’t wait to level my survival hunter now. and When i get that correct xp and get to 60 faster that 160ish Ilvl will be calling my name to do BG and EBGs with.


cant wait to spam my BM monk in epics now – game is totally saved.

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:slightly_smiling_face: blizz doing the absolute bare minimum lol!


I really enjoyed my BrM monk while gearing. But than I realized I was awful and he was also just as squishy at 200 ilvl as he was at 171 Ilvl.

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I thought that was intentional bc if epics give lots of exp it’s just gonna be 40 afk people at work alt tabbed vs 40 afk ppl alt tabbed at work.

Thank god.
They finally fixed Shadowlands PvP


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This is a good change, well done Blizzard.

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Woah, Blizzard DOES listen!

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We just want to be able to play the game.
Give us solo que and give new players a fighting chance with gear.
/target Blizzard


“Fistfullofd makes some strange gestures.”

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Hey hey HEY! Tone down the sarcasm. Blizz might not be able to tell the difference.

I love that show. I was just looking for a meme of andy standing in Florida on the beach saying “Thanks BP”, but couldn’t find it.

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Haha, fortunately, I know exactly which scene you’re talking about. It’s definitely my favorite show, or maybe tied with Scrubs.

Scrubs was great. Top 3 for sure. In no particular order it goes Scrubs, psych, and the office. I really just binge watch those 3 shows based on what’s available through Hulu, amazon prime, or netflix.

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