Apply to Join the WoW Community Council

We’ve opened our application form for the 2023 WoW Community Council.

If you’d like to be considered for the Council group, please fill out and submit the application here by 12:00 Noon PST January 3, 2023.

Thank you!


You guys have had people with only one post and that one being in the introduction thread part of the CC for over a year. Will they be removed?


If I’m reading the post he linked correctly, all of the current CC members will be removed. I’m not sure if they can re-apply though.


good to see. hopefully since the hype has died down people don’t just afk with it for a year this time.


Maybe if this community wasn’t so toxic and mean to each other or any blue who posts in here I might consider but not with the way this so-called community treats their fellow players.


No thanks, not really clamoring to have a text color that puts a spotlight on me.


It’s supposed to be 12 months, iirc. I joined in December or January, but some didn’t join til like May or June, if I recall. I think the idea was to have it be in waves, so a mixture of new CC members with old at all times once things start flowing.

Also, we were told we could re-apply, but wouldn’t be given preferential treatment. Though I will not because of the following:

Though, to be frank, if you’re active in general discussion, just be prepared if you get on it. You will be subjected to harassment daily. People seem to think it’s okay to take out their annoyances at Blizzard on you even though you have nothing to do with it, and think that because your text is gold, you aren’t allowed an opinion on anything if it doesn’t match their opinion. (I have quite literally been told this hundreds of times over the past year) They expect you to represent every single person in the community at the same time - something that is impossible, which is why they grabbed people from all types of gameplay. I can’t speak for the experience for those who aren’t active in GD though.


The only way I would do it as a GD user is if I made a separate character entirely. I remember when you got it in the story forums people started trying to get you off the CC by posting stuff from discords and previous comments. It’s a whole bundle of yikes.

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I would think its account-wide, not just per-character.

You can choose a character to use, yes. I stupidly used my main because I figured people would wanna know the forums had some representation on the CC but bad idea. Lol.

And all of it out of context, with the people in the conversation with me who don’t particularly like me having to defend me because of it too. Lol.


throws up in my mouth a little … no thx.


I thought they said you had to pick a character that wasn’t your “main” forum character.

Nope. You can choose which character. They ask you.

Well, I probably wouldn’t use this one anyway, just because. I would fully expect someone to come at me if I suddenly had orange text.

Yes, if you are a forum-goer, please learn from me and use an alt no one knows. Lol.


I tested this a while ago, the gold text is only on the character that you tell them you’re going to use when you join, not all alts.

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OPINION: they should make Charming (PvP-based poster who makes lots of fluff posts) a full-time community council member for the class of 2023. He basically lives in epic BGs and that just so happens to be my favorite “casual” form of PvP

Oh and, he’s quite entertaining to read and I’m sure he wouldn’t be shy about speaking his mind in there :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

No but really, given his very high attendance rate and broad knowledge of the maps and modern strategies, he is a legit good choice for providing general feedback on casual PvP. During a lengthy 3-4 hour session of BGs, it’s not uncommon to see Charming appear like 6-7 times - he’s a very very common player inside the game (a good sign since it means he’s actually active)

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Was the first year of CC a success? Communication started out well and then tapered off as usual, at least on the forums where’s its visible to everyone. What did or didn’t happen in the private discord is anyone’s guess, but I’m curious if it achieved what Blizzard wanted it to.


I applied :smiley: