Apply to Join the WoW Community Council

They made some minor “fluff” changes, but nothing major changed

Unfortunately a lot of CC feedback threads got ignored or got /crickets

You are seen as a link between the payer base and Blizz so people are definitely going to dump on you more whether it be to harass or thinking you can somehow help get issues addressed.

Congratulations you are a member of the Community Council!
New insult unlocked: “Orange text blizzard shill”

Can’t wait to see golden fuzzbutt text.


Hehe hopefully so :stuck_out_tongue:

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heck it
fuzzbutt for blizzard CEO and council


No need to look further Blizzard. I’m the perfect candidate.

Curriculum Vitae:
Thrives on targeted hate
Loves to stand out with gold text
Will actively bash FOTM whiners
No spawns to take care of except when I’m GY camping
Delegating important tasks to my inferiors

So yeah, when do I start?


idk about all that now xD

Uhoh what happened

I am not qualified for that. LOL

Awww, RIP, no Fuzzbutt golden text.
sad dracthyr
perks up
boops Fuzzbutt

Lol I ment for CEO not the other XD haha

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Ohhh, okay, good, good.

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I can confirm, prepare to have your logs/profile scrutinized.

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Tell him to apply.

This is pretty unfortunate but true. You and Mispeled are the only CC that I seen active. She was more outspoken for Classic and tried to rely messages to us but she got slammed so hard for every thing Blizz did over there. It was like mob mentality for the messenger lol.

Considering the Community Council has no contact with moderators in any type of real capacity to discuss the ridiculous amount of hate threads that are targeting individual players and minority groups, this seems like a waste of time. Blizzard should focus on empowering mods and GMs. Hire more, pay them more. This wild west era needs to end.

Regarding the “my own opinion”, it’s pretty simple to see why so many got sidelined by the community. They are just yes-sayers. I read the discussions on the CC. Unlike you, most of them are just mere reflections of the developers and who have the same vision or playstyle. They do not represent the mass, which was always a problem. SL showed that it’s always dangerous to belittle the ants but the moment they turn on you as a collective, it’s dangerous.

You tried to change things several times, including this awful skeleton cat mount. Unlike most of the rest you actually had the heart at the right place to go the distance and speak for more people than just one singularity. In the name of the players I would like to thank you for this.


I’d like to give it a shot.